Caesars Palace - NO Console Hookups in Rooms!


I contacted Caesars Palace Guest Services 702-731-7110 and they informed me no electronics can be connected to the room TVs.

I asked specifically about PS3 then asked about possibility for any others and answer was “NO” to all.

They did say we could bring our own monitors and plug consoles into them.

Please let me know if there is an exception to this policy for EVO guests.

Thought it would be good to let people know not to lug their ps3 around the country unnecessarily.

FYI: This information conflicted with what the generic Harrahs Reservation rep told me. good thing i pressed him further and got direct contact with Caesars LV.


they probably lag anyway…


Any hotels policy is not to allow you to connect a console to their setup. It will all come down to seeing if the ports are blocked.


if the ports aren’t blocked then I cant see why not

question is the remote they give you, does it have a video input button, why would it since you shouldn’t be able to change anything anyways unless you brought something yourself, of course if the tv doesn’t have it


Big time Vegas hotel TVs might be different but I’ve been in hotels before where there is a LAN port on the TV. If you disconnect that LAN cable then turn the TV off and on, all the special hotel programming stops working and then it becomes just a normal TV like any other.


Still waiting for Keits’ preview of the rooms coming next week…


Haha, it’s been coming next week for the past 5 months now.


I emailed the hotel I’m staying at (Flamingo’s across the street from Caesar’s), and the CRT’s they have allow component hookups.


In my experience, the higher end hotels usually have TVs that don’t block/limit connections. The cheaper hotels will often put a block on it or have specific TVs that only have a normal coax cable out.

That’s no guarantee that Caesar’s will have it…so hopefully SOMEONE will find out. Worst case, I’m bringing my ASUS EVO monitor anyway.

FWIW, here’s a description of a nicer room than we have the says it has HDMI. This is not mentioned on the Forum Tower Deluxe rooms…so who knows.


so basically, dont bring your ps3. a luxury hotel without basic component hookups is ass.:wtf:




Is this still an issue?

I’m really curious about this. I was planning on bringing my Ps3 to evo for room casuals and training but I don’t really want to risk bringing it if there isn’t going to be hookups for them on the TV’s there. Has there been any word or are we all going to be up in the air till evo time?


This is pretty dumb. Now me and my buddies have to make room in the car to lug a TV all the way to Vegas…


To get around the remote issue if you can plug your system in do what people have been doing for years at tournys, bring a cheap universal remote. Buy one for $5 and you can change the input on your tv.


Anyone have any good packing suggestions for a monitor? PS3 I can throw in my carry-on.


I put a pillow in my suitcase and just rest the screen of the monitor on the pillow, when you close the suitcase its pretty secure.




I’m interested in knowing this as well. I would hate to have to bring my own moniter but if I must then I will, just need confirmation.


Yeah, Im really curious to know if they’re crt tvs with av jacks.

if not, i guess i’ll bring a small tv or something


Any update on whether the rooms have hdmi ports standard or not? I booked a room that’s not one of the evo rooms so I’m not sure whether I should bring my ps3 or not.