Cain saves the day Tourney Queens NYC AKA Black out owns NYC

Naruto CONR3 results
9th.Basic sausage(Bando,Hinata)

TvC results:round robin
1st. Bad fish(PTX)
2nd. TaiHyuga(ryu,Zero,tekkaman blade,Saki)
3rd.Basic sausage(Tekkaman blade)
4th.Orochimarusama21(Zero,yattarman 2,jun the swan,chun-li,Batsu)
5th.Miles mokoto(Doronjo,Karas,Zero)

Gundam Battle assault 2 results:round robin
1st.Ragnakaos(Master gundam
2nd.Badfish(NU-gundam,Heavy arms-gundam,Zeta-gundam)
3rd.Orochimarusama21(Heavey arms-gundam,Quin mantha,Burning gundam)
4th.Miles Mokoto(Dragon-gundam,Maxter-gundam,)

Tvc:round robin
[media=youtube]Rrw_h4YOefs[/media] TaiHyuga(Ryu,Zero) vs Orochimarusama21(Zero,Tekkaman-Blade)
[media=youtube]vA025nfaKBw[/media] MilesMokoto(Zero,Doronjo) vs Basic Sausage(Tekkaman-Blade,Pwnimar)
[media=youtube]vqLPKxl-Q-E[/media] MilesMokoto(Doronjo,Frank) vs TaiHyuga(Zero,Ryu)
[media=youtube]6vkjVhpu314[/media] MileMokoto(Karas,Doronjo)Orochimarusama21(Jun,Yatterman-2)
[media=youtube]tf9zfav8TUU[/media] Basic Sausage(Tekkaman-Blade,Pwnimar) vs Orochimarusama21(Zero,Jun)
[media=youtube]tfNbjhomj4g[/media] Basic Sausage(Tekkaman-Balde,Pwnimar) vs TaiHyuga(Ryu,Zero)
[media=youtube]hZ28IdZx2qI[/media] Bad-Fish(PTX) vs Orochimarusama21(Yatterman-1,Yatterman-2)
[media=youtube]9SUM0ffscJk[/media] -Bad-Fish(PTX) vs MilesMokoto(Ryu,Doronjo)
[media=youtube]IE5TwBYHvo8[/media] -BadFish(PTX) vs BasicSausage(Tekkaman-Blade,Pwnimar)
[media=youtube]yKBWyvfFdHg[/media] Bad Fish (PTX) vs TaiHyuga(Ryu,Zero,Tekkaman-Blade,Saki)

GBA2:round robin
[media=youtube]_e12P6i2raA[/media] milesmokoto(dragon) VS. orochimarusama21(heavyarms)
[media=youtube]0RpUv12SFrc[/media] ragnakaos(dark) VS.orochimarusama21(heavyarms)part1
[media=youtube]NmIm_5mpFE0[/media] ragnakaos(dark) VS.orochimarusama21(heavyarms)part2
[media=youtube]s4RPUwWaLVA[/media] ragnakaos(dark) VS. milesmokoto(dargon)
[media=youtube]ytJVeNZbYRY[/media] orochimarusama21(heavyarms+guin martha) vs.badfish(Vgundam)
[media=youtube]Os4NyIc8-98[/media] milesmokoto(wing gundam+maxuim) VS. badfish(heavyarms)
[media=youtube]7hQ29aC5Kvw[/media] milesmokoto(dragon) VS.orochimarusama21(burning)
[media=youtube]BvExDtatomQ[/media] badfish(gundam22+Vgundam)vs.ragnakaos(darkgundam)

Any vids of GBA2?

yes but i don’t have those -_-

Dang… I’m surprised there weren’t any Deathscythes in top 5. Actually more surprised this game is still played.

u play!!!??? come enter a tournament for it, we need all the players we can!! and yeah ill tell the guy to post up the vids when he gets a chance to do so.

I wish but the midwest is broke. Can’t find a job to save my life. I’d definitely love to get down in a GBA2 tourney. Actually in Fairfield, Ohio we are going to run an oldschool and SF4 tourney soon. One of the games is GBA2. I’m basically taking that for free.

Definitely post those vids.


where you guys located

no SF4?

I’m from Dayton Ohio but the tourney is like 45 minutes from me.

we are in the tristate area, hopefuly u can come down when the other midwest folk come down here, they also play it, but they are coming down for the naruto rev3 scene, but hey we can run something for gba2 wed be more than happy to.

updated the first post guys -_-

Aye the matches were legit. Yall go hard in GBA. HA players need to make fools hug the wall like they are about to get robbed more. Same with Dragon. The flag is mix up city and should be abused. Miles Wing Zero has two of the best moves in the game imo. The wing tackle (a SRK with armor) and the buster rifle. Buster rifle tracks and iirc goes through a lot of projectiles. That should be abused because its cheap.

Man I’m still surprised no one played DS.:lol: That is like the fan favorite of the series.

Next time I’ll be ready for yah giant!! XD I gots an ace up meh sleeve :wink:

pssh more like u gonna counter pick me next time…ill beat ya though just u wait…

and as for gundam i got suprises waiting that almost nobody has seen just everyone wait lol.

we’ll ppl say its a counter pick but this is my new official team xD polymor just ain’t cutting it lol if im guna use him just for assist i have some with an even better assist!!!