Cal Fullerton "Holy smokes we have a cabinet!"

Whats up guys. I’m pretty sure all of you at Cal Fullerton noticed the new cabinets. They’re pretty sick. Any who, let’s try to start this train rolling and have as much people come out as we can. Although its Vanilla, we can try and get Super if enough of us go to the front desk and bug the manager about it. The manager is pretty damn cool, so hopefully we can get it soon.

It’s 25cents per play which is pretty sweet.

Try and post up before you guys go or something… I’ll be there every mon/wed/fri.

I’m assuming that Andrew Strife is gonna troll this thread pretty soon.

Is it exactly like the Vanilla cabinet at Alex’s Arcade?

Also, I mighttt go this Thursday.

richard why don’t you just text me ***? anyway no it’s taller and the stick and buttons are kinda far from each other.

heh… after like year and a half we finally get a SF4 machine in the TSU. this is pretty cool - i’m kinda sick of playing so much 3rd strike.

i main akuma and i’ll probably stop by sometimes around mon-thurs afternoons, i’ll see you guys there this semester.

im gonna go look at it after class today lol

This thread has officially been trolled by Andrew Strife… consider it a done deal. Btw Alex, I haven’t been on SRK for almost 3 weeks… soo STFU B****

P.S. - I will body you at Vanilla. 'nuff said.

Hey guys!
Im the Vega/ New Chun player that relies on gimmicks to win all my game yay! :lol:
Anyway, Im pretty much there everyday since my friend is always down there. Hopefully ill see you guys there

dude i’ll put money on it.

You all suck.

Alex vs Andrew money match at Alex’s Arcade. $500 from both sides. :smiley:

And Duy concept matches on the side. I would put stakes for this also, but there is no point. You know why.

I’m fuckin down

i decided im not playing guile in vanilla anymore, too depressing

Tell me is there a lot of Sagat and Abel players there? I have missed the loop for so long, I want the taste of 350 damage 700 stun combos with only 2 buttons again.

actually we’re at the ken/rufus phase. I’m sure pretty soon it’ll pick up to sagat/rog/abel.

Hey all,

Welcome back to school. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are your new arcade provider. We will do our best to keep everything in tip top shape, but if you guys have any problems with any game feel free to let us know. You can post here, tell the front desk person or email me at . If you email me, make sure you mention that you are writing about the CSF arcade. We run arcades for a lot of schools so it is important that you tell us which arcade you are writing about.

If you have any request or anything at all that you want to ask or tell us feel free to contact us.

FYI, we want to run a tournament this semester, but we need some volunteers to host each game. Anyone interested in helping out? Date to be determined, but it will be a Saturday.


too many kens especially that one aspergers dude that yells and almost breaks the cabinet everytime he plays -______________-#
im down there almost everyday trying to get my rog up to snuff, so sparring partners are much appreciated =D

and also i would be glad to help host a tournament

Oh, I might stop by next week with a friend on Tuesday around 2 something. Hope to see some people there.

actually i already got the tournament scene started. the case is that alot of the players don’t mind, but a good majority of them also prefer Super, if there is anyway you guys could update it in the future then i’m sure you’re scene would grow even more than what it is now.


We are planning on updating it, but we are still waiting for the release.