Cal Fullerton "Holy smokes we have a cabinet!"

Anyone feel as if the left cabinet is a little off? It won’t go right sometimes? iono could be all in my head

Its not just you. Me and Dchong also feel like the left side is kinda messed up as well.

Yes KOFXIII, get it!

Oscar gtfo.

I’ll bring some Abel for ya guys

I’m throwing a tourney in 2 weeks in TSU. I’ll ask the manger and inform him on monday. Hopefully i’ll have signs up.

I plan on throwing it on Sep. 24.

32 man bracket
double elimination

is this tourney still on? :smiley: i really wonder if CSUF has enough players to make it happen.

sorry to say its not. i been studying for my midterm and i actually havent gotten around to ask Ken. I’ll try to make it asap.

AND the answer is yes. we have alot more ppl that play than you think and of course, we have outside ppl who would love to join

aww, that sucks. anyway, what times are the most people there? let’s plaaaaaaaaay.

I usually show up around 12ish and it seems like theres always a big crowd around that time too

The left cabnit works 100% of the time, however the jab button sometimes gets caught and won’t push down all the way.

BTW: when Super AE comes out next month, how soon will you guys be able to get us a cabinet? If we constantly bug the manager will it help to make it sooner?

That means the left cabinet doesnt work 100% does it? I don’t run the arcade, but im assuming they’re gonna do it right away

Not according to the fine Cal State Fullerton education. :slight_smile:


^^^AE or regular super?

It’s AE. Gonna be here in about 2-3 weeks probably?



… it’s 75c a game though :sad:

^^ not bad for opening day. eventually after business will drop to 50 cents.(and if generously generous, a quarter).

do they have the ae version of the game? since i might be visiting tsu this weekend id like to get some games with you guys :smiley: