Cal Poly Game Room

I guess the old Cal Poly Game Room thread was deleted or whatever.

Tried a search and couldn’t find it anywhere (if it still exists I’ll delete this one).

So I’m making a new one.

Marvel2: 2p firece (hp) is still out. I emailed the dude that owns the cabinets and this is what happened:

  >-----Original Message-----
  >From: [email][/email] on behalf of Eric Chang
  >Sent: Tue 1/6/2009 9:57 PM
  >To: Chris
  >Subject: RE: Cal Poly Game Room requires a bit of repair
  >Thanks for letting us know about these problems.  We will check out 
  the MvC2 this week.
  > Subject: Cal Poly Game Room requires a bit of repair
  > Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 17:34:46 -0800
  > From: [email][/email]
  > To: [email][/email]; 
  > Hello,
  > I am a student at Cal Poly and I just wanted to inform you that the 
  Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 cabinet needs repairing. The High Punch (Fierce) 
  button on the 2nd player side is no longer functional. It does not 
  respond when pushed and randomly executes the command.
  > The 1st player joystick needs some repair as well. When pushing the 
  joystick in the down motion the stick tends to lag.
  > Thanks for all your help and giving us these wonderful games to play.
  > /Chris
  > [email][/email]

He was supposed to come in and check it out 2 weeks ago. His email is AND I even tried to sweet talk him by stroking his ego a bit!

Do us all a favor, email this guy, badger him so he gets up and fixes our goddamn cabinet.

i think im gonna learn to play melty blood cuz people always seem to b on that machine

I tried to play it but the engine is so weird. I don’t like the fact that you have to double tap forward on the stick to air dash. That really throws me off.

Do people even play marvel at the gameroom still? The comp there is always so-so.

It’s obvious you haven’t been here in a long time. I used to think the same way because all I did was play at super. When I transferred to cal poly I walked in thinking this place was as joke. It wasn’t. There are a few good people here that give me a run for my money and a few that are up and coming.

A few of the top players @ poly are training the up and comers. All we want is to build better competition. In fact a few of the people that play in the game room actually play at super as well. Me, evilj, and this one asain dude (sorry bro I don’t know your name, but you play Storm/Sent/Cyc) who is pretty damn good at 3s, mvc2, and sf4.

If you are ever down to come to the game room, shoot me a pm and I’ll be there. I’m sure I can give you the competition you are looking for.

Mr Pasadena>me

plus I graduated.
wait poly has sf4?

sticks/buttons at cal poly being broke for weeks at a time is nothing new.

whats dope was when we were playing back then, if a button like rh was broke, you play around it. aka Ironman with psylocke assist.

edit poly has sf4?

A+B is also air-dash

and oh damn calpoly had MB competition???

Bobino if you wanna get good at that game, play against me <3

i owe you :lovin:

Lol no, I was making reference to a guy that is good. He plays at super, e.g., he plays SF4, marvel, etc. I just don’t know his name so I just described him or rather the games he usually plays.

CAL POLY DOES NOT HAVE SF4. lol I don’t want to start rumors.

J when we gonna play again? With the amount I’ve been practicing I want to test out my skills against a tough opponent. I know you said you play mostly at super now but it seems like every time I hit that place up no one is there anymore. Went for like 3 days in a row and ended up wasting the computer for an hour or 2.

You graduated? What are you doing now?

Naw I visited super last monday because I happened to be in the area, but before that I haven’t been there in over a month, don’t really intend to play there anymore.

You should try to play with Mr. Pasadena, dude beat me down last time/first time we played the previous quarter. Or you’re gonna have to hope you run into Calvin at super.

what is the set up on marvel? american or jap?

ya im down scott. just show me some videos and general tips about the game and ill be good to go in like 1-2 days of playing

all the sticks at cpp are american and the buttons are nice…i just wish they werent so far apart from each other

p360 with convex buttons.


You’re too nice. btw, Calvin’s sent is :clapdos:.

Fade, I’m down to play whenever they fix the hp. I haven’t been going because of that reason. Just post up whenever they fix it, and we’ll see if my schedule fits your time.

Awesome :slight_smile:

I emailed the guy again last night and a couple of the regs said they did the same thing. Hopefully he gets his ass in gear.

Nice to talk big if you actually don’t know these people. I know for a fact that a lot of people on srk reading these threads know OCE eric and harrison personally and they often peruse these forums too. it doesn’t win you any points to call anyone a douche or etc.

If he’s not repairing it its probably because he’s not in town since they service arcades in norcal too.

I stopped by on the way from the copy center, and the 2p side is fixed now. p1 side is iffy but playable.

I am in no way “talking big.” If you run a business and your business doesn’t satisfy the customers, what does that say about yourself? In fact, why even get into a business servicing customers if all you are going to do is make empty promises? Yes he did fulfill his responsibilities but way after the deadline he promised.

I appreciate the fact he provides the games to poly, fact is, when you say you are going to do something, and as a business owner, you don’t do it, it says a lot.

Anyway, if you actually knew me, you would know when I say, “douche” or “lazy ass” it’s not meant to be degrading. It just happens to be my upbringing, being around an entire family dedicated to the military you pick up a lot of this kind of shit. If you speak Spanish, you can understand it when I say it like, “como esta wei?” But there was no way for you to know that so I’m telling you now. But if it makes you happy because your his boy or whatever, I’ll edit the posts so as not to misconstrue my comments.

I don’t hate on people and I certainly do not try to make people look bad.

I always thought p1 played pretty well. The only reason I reported the stick being laggish is because another regular told me to write it in the email.

I’ll be @ poly mon/tues/weds. You can pretty much pick the time you want to meet because all my classes start around 4pm. I don’t mind coming an hour or two early either.

Let me know what day you are going to be free/gap between classes.

monday/wednesday I’m free at 330, but I have another class at 6. Tuesday I have gap from 1140 to 1. Kinda bad schedules, but we’ll see what happens. :wonder: