Cal Poly Pomona Gameroom 4/8 Cvs2/Mvc2/ST/KOFXI/TekkenDR/3S

i actually got the correct date this time coz last time i was hella just zoning out at school.


theres something for everyone.

$5 Per Game

all sticks are 360’s

Saturday, April 8th

signups at 10… tournament starts at 11


Cool. I’ll try to make it to this one.
Is the gameroom usually open on weekends? hours?

No, it’s not usually open on weekends.

im there

Damn, guess nobody saw the thread I made earlier. But yeah, all the info is correct. We’d like to get an estimate of how many people we’re expecting, just so we can have the Student Union open longer just in case. Just reply in this thread or e-mail us at

i’ll be there also.

i think everyone missed it last time (including myself) because you dont have location or tournament games in thread title…

but yea… i think a lot of people are actually going to this since it is on saturday…

I shall be there.

okay, It looks like i will be going to this toureny, and we are hoping to get a lot people to show so up. It will be good practice for everyone!

since it is going to on a Saturday, Parking should be free. I will see if I can double check for everyone, and if that is not the case, I will se if the gameroom can work something out to get tournament designated parking.

Everyone should know how to get there, so lets see you there!

magnus esta yendo al torneo??? ay dios mio!

Ehh??? :slight_smile:

bump, the tourney is coming up.

any word on parking?

I’m gonna try to bring a van full of CSULB heads to this, for CvS2 and possibly some for 3s. Naruto 4 side tourney anyone? Muhaha

So is there going to be a KOF XI tournament? and if it starts 11am I think I can make it, since I have to work at 4pm.

Im Gonna Rape This Tourney j/k. ANYONE money match 1v1/2v2 (3/5) in Xvsf/Mvc1/Mvc2/Maximum Tune2 (HANDICAP OFF)?

IF noone is holding a xvsf tourney I WILL HOLD IT. 3-5 dollar entry for XVSF. btw in the money match in xvsf you can pick one character to choose for me (any 1 character xcept rogue).

xvsf: Double Elim $2-$5 Entry, Infinites on, Dual Characters On/Off(Depending on majority/i won’t use this glitch though)/

hopefully these sticks are good. Is it h2h or what?

I’ll be there.

Pimp willy - money match? do you accept? 3/5 5 bucks.

Eeeh, I’ll accept, for the hell of it. Gonna have to work some K Groove magic here. And last time I was at Cal Poly (Evo 2k4), there were only showcase cabs and not head to heads.

Sweet man! I’ll look for you there. I know how you look like, from the human sagat pic :P. Practice up! I will!

MONEY MATCH IN ANY GAME mvc1,mvc2,xvsf (you can choose 1 of my char), max tune

Ok,ill money match you in mvc2! i am the best at that game. especially since i dont play it!