Cal Poly Pomona GAMEROOM

I havent been here in a while. Last time I was here was on EVO 2004. The place is dope as hell. Great games, great arcade cabinets, plenty of space, stools … like a real arcade.
I only went there to play KOF XI, and had a good time. At least I didnt spend my time playing the CPU. Theres a girl that plays half random half good with momoko and duck king in her team … crazy. I met a nice guy there, and he told me that theres a korean guy that comes every once in a while from anaheim ( I come from anaheim too ), and that he is really good, so I would like to play him. My team sucked ass … I need to practice a lot more.

I have a question. What is the regular time people comes here to play ? … I know most of them come during lunch ( 11-2 ) … but what about later in the afternoon/night like at 5-8 ( I think they close at 8pm ). Also what about saturdays ? … I would like to come back here again on a regular basis like 3 times per week, so I would like to know about whens a good time to find comp.

And lastly … PARKING HEEEEELP !!!
Im poor so I dont wanna spend money on parking. I parked my car between temple and univerisity dr … and its kinda like a long way to the gameroom. Is there a closer free parking place ? … thx.

You have to pay for parking? That’s pretty gay…I could be wasting my money on tokens. How much is it anyway?

uhhh… have you been to any university that lets you park for free?

coz i sure as hell havent.

yeah the parking cost is kinda gay, but other than dat our arcade is dope as fuk
da machines get fixed oretty quickely its very near food and it’s kept clean

yea. this arcade is pretty impressive. saw some high level playing going on within 3s and mvc2. cant complain about the sticks at all.

i just went there earlier today(yesterday) with my friend thats a student there. yea, besides the parking fee, that place is totally worth the drive from where i live.

yo take me there Daniel! haha ill pay parking XD


you probably werent there last quarter when short on marvel on the right side was out for two months…

you also probably didnt know that cvs2 left side stick has been ass for the past 5 months.

lol… I <3 cal poly but jesus christ somebody PLEASE replace left side joystick on cvs2.

if there are any ST players in this arcade let me know, I’m down to play ST, the machine works PERFECTLY! =)

ok, someone please post the open hours and days of this place. I went today at 12pm and it was closed … there went my 2 dolar gas expenditure.

the arcade is tight … but theres no kof xi comp … booo hooo.

wait cal poly has a gameroom?

K4 is currently accepting KOF XI money matches.
Rules :

  • First to get 3 out of 5 fights, wins.
  • Can be either for 5 or 10 bucks.
  • The arenas will be Cal Poly Pomona Gameroom, or any house ( button layout and stick issues ).
  • Oswalds df+A unblockable will be banned only when a new character is entering the screen, after KO’ing the previous one. Any other setup is ok.
  • In case one accidentaly, or on purpose do that unblockable setup, the other player will get the win from that same match.
  • Vanessa’s infinite will be banned. Can only repeat the dp move for a maximum of 3 times.
  • In case the game is played on console, all extra ps2 characters plus the last bosses will be banned.

Interested peeps IM, PM, email me … thx have a good day =)

Cal Poly hours are:
Mon-Thurs 9am-9pm
Friday 9am-5pm

They are considering opening on Saturday so if you guys want that, tell the front desk so they can tell the manager.

As far as game problems go, if you have any problems with a game like joystick or button problems, or basically anything you can email and someone will get it fixed ASAP. You can also tell the front desk and they will log it so a tech can check it out when he is there. We are usually very good about keeping things running well, but we can’t fix it if we don’t know about it. Please let us know about any problems you may have.


Someone will check it out tomorrow. Can you be more specific on what the problem is with the CvS2 ply1 joystick?

IIRC, everytime there has been a button/stick issue, i let Marc know immediately… however… shit isnt really done until the vendor gets there, and i know for a fact that dude only shows up once every blue moon…
when short on marvel was out last spring, it was literally out for almost 6 weeks… and people in the gameroom knew. it wasnt fixed until the vendor came back for finals week to put the games on freeplay.

cvs2 player 1 stick is fucked… you cant fix that. its simply a worn out 360. the opitical directions going up/left left down left are just plain shitty. and though input tests will register the stick as working fine, i can ASSURE you that it needs to be replaced immediately, seeing as how i cant even do dragon punch motions on it.

also… roundhouse on 3s machine is also out.

wow… guess Im the lucky one that has KOF XI in playable conditions … =D

good shit on not replacing joystick today.

<3 nam

By blue moon you must mean very often, since somebody is there pretty much once or twice a week, every week.

Again, we can’t fix things that are not reported. If everyone knew about it, then I wish somebody would have reported the problem.

AH… I see what the problem is… since YOU can’t get a move out the joystick is fucked. Now I see why nobody else ever complained to us about the joystick being “fucked”.

We’ll check it out.

I don’t know about you, but our workday doesn’t end at 3pm…

Since both joysticks were replaced TODAY, you can enjoy brand new joysticks tomorrow.

All sarcasm aside, we take great pride in keep our games in great shape so if you have any problems just let us know and it will be taken care of quickly.

I had wrote a long reponse but nm

Thanks for fixing it, I see no need for the sarcasm though. It’s understandable that if players report these things, it will be fixed faster, or should be at least. However, it’s not the players’ job to make sure these things get fixed. That’s the job of the vendor/employees.