Cal Poly Pomona GAMEROOM

i call bullshit on this. ive been complaining about the cvs2 stick for the goddam longest time and the short on marvel being busted for over 5 weeks is simply unacceptable.

this is flawed too. otherwise youd have fixed that second 3rd strike machine, which is still off. also, if somebody is there once or twice a week, does he just not do anything if no problems are reported? im pretty sure most vendors periodically run diagnostics and check inputs for all games, considering that its making them money and not the other way around.

this is simple… im the only good cvs2 player at cal poly. the rest are scrubs. scrubs cant even get DP motion 9/10 times with working sticks, so what makes you think theyll notice any difference with a broken stick?

all things aside, good shit finally fixing that stick. if you want to know other things that need fixing here…

-fix the other 3s cab. i dont think anyone needs to tell you its broken since its been off for 2 months

-replace BOTH sticks on Guilty Gear. Both have worn out 360’s

-the screen for puzzle fighter suffers from discoloration. obviously playing a game based around colored gems means your fucked here.

We’ll check out the other problems you mentioned, but I can tell you right now that the GG cabinet has brand new sticks in it.

You are probably going to have to get used to the tighter diagonals because as of last year all 360s are being made by someone else and they seem to have tighter diagonals.

As far as maintenance goes, every game gets checked out at least twice a quarter, but if there are intermittent problems they may not show when we test it. Additionally, every week the service person talks to players on and around the games to find out if there are any problems. If nobody complains about anything then we have to assume the game is okay.

As far as the other SF3 goes, there are bigger issues with that and we know it has problems. That’s why it’s off.

So I hope you enjoy the new joysticks and if anybody has any problems in the future feel free to email us at or tell the front desk.

I played on the CVS2 sticks yesterday (friday), and they were working fine. I saw Harrison working on it thursday night (thanks!).

As far as comp goes…I really can’t chip in. I am not there much anymore, but stop by once in a while before class. Darkprince is your best bet to play for marvel comp, along with other regulars that are there sparadically. Since they close at 9, I am down to meet with people on certain nights, since I get out of school at 7pm (tues/thurs), and 8 (mon/wed). Just shoot me a PM

Third Strike seems to have consistant comp throughout the day, so there should be no problem there.

CVS2, well…Nam is the only person that plays it…i think…lol, so hit him up for comp with that game.

KOF/Tekken get good comp, so check those games out too.

:stuck_out_tongue: (|)

Can someone please fix the 1st stick on the kof xi cab ? It has been malfunctioning since tuesday.

Wow i’ll prob check this place out. Dam i miss Anaheim


bumping this thread for fun…

why does everybody at the gameroom suck at marvel?

i should not be winning with bbhood/jugg/im.

someone come play cvs2 with me. =(

Cal Poly Pomona Bangroom. See you guys on the 20th.

People keep following you to the corner to get thrown for free…
Your Jug/BB/IM is better than your spiral/sent/cable and other various teams.

GG today in mvc/3s/cvs fags.

jeremy - the fact you rather play puzzle fighter than marvel against me makes me sad.

LOL you need to stop playing bbhood/juggs/ironman against me…I will just wait for you to switch, then free infinite for the win! LOL

Good games on cvs2 yesterday Nam. I can’t deal with your A-Groove anymore. :sad: Good shit.
LOL at myself for trying to use rolento to run away from sakura, it worked though … but only for about 10 seconds.

I love how the gameroom can still get a Hyper Fighting crowd going. :clap:

Hyper Fighting is the best fighting game.

>mvc2, 3s, cvs2, tekken 5.

That was me playing you R/C, Good games.

Damn you Ronnie no one is ever there when I go in between classes

i have a sidekick 3 also. i hate how the battery dies so fast compared to sidekick 2 cuz i used to have that one also. im gonna have to end up buying another battery :rolleyes:

LOL I don’t own a sidekick. Its a inside joke that probably only the AI people would know.

how is the T5 comp here? and you guys only have T5:DR what about Tekken Tag?

We have DR, and the comp is good, but you need to figure out when the people will be there. PM EvilJ, he will let you know whats up.

no comp sucks for t5 don’t pm me