Cal Poly Pomona SF4 Tournament 3/6/09 Results


1st place is mike ross
2nd keno
3rd gootecks

I didn’t have the time (finals week approaching fast) to sort out all of the ranks out so I decided to just scan it and let you guys see the results. Thanks for coming out and helping out the Java club. Next time I try to have one it might be somewhere else because the renting rates of the room was too high and too strict on our time so we had to rush some of you to play and fix up that tournament program. Thanks for participating. (sorry about the ugly writing)





I’ll try to go next time Yem. Thanks for signing me and my homies up but the 10 east had the right 3 lanes closed and we wouldn’t have made it on time.

Friday tournies are cool cuz some of us work on the weekends.

Hopefully next time bro, take care.