Cal Poly Pomona SF4 Tournament 3/6/09

Hey guys. Most of the information is found in the flyer. if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

update 3/1/09I have lifted the late registration until the day of the tournament. so those of you who wish to pre-register can still do it for 5 dollars up until march 5th 11:59 pm. just email your name and nickname and you’ll be put on the list. pre-reg discount fee is 5 dollars. standard is 8 dollars.

Concerning sticks 3/5/09
for those who wish to borrow a stick i have the hori playstation 3 fighting stick for use. I play both pad and stick equally well so it doesn’t matter to me. i havent looked into what 360 sticks will work for the ps3. i hear a lot of rumors about the sf4 standard 360 stick working for the ps3 but i havent seen it for myself.

Noting the Time of event 3/5/09:
I will be at the Bronco Student Center at 3:30 pm. if some of you could be there around 4pm that would be really good so we can start the tourney on time. we need to be out by 10. I’m planning to wear a rockband shirt (i think its still clean) just for the sake that you guys will run into me and I can direct you to the tournament.

hmm fri night seems like a terrible time for a tournament. but good luck with everything

yea it is alittle ho-hum to have it on a friday but we wanted a tourney and we couldnt schedule it for any days. last time we had a game night and the turn out turned out really well. we’re hoping to pull in as many players as possible from all skill levels.

So I understand where you have to pay for the venue and stuff, but if 20 people show up and the prize payout is still $60…

good question happytang. If that situation were to arise we would go with the percentages of 60%,20%, and 15% for the top 3; If we don’t have the funds to pay off the winners then we can’t pay them the full amount, but so far we have 20 people who are pre-registered and competing in the tournament and we are expecting more to come in after this weeks campus hype.

thanks for the question. feel free to ask anymore if you have any.

is parking free?

I’ll do a look around for you to check for parking. theyre use to be an area where you can park but then they started building apartments over it. i’ll get back to you tomorrow evening.

Pre-registration cut off was the 28th right?

So does that mean I have to pay $8 to attend this? Just noticed the thread today (it wouldn’t have mattered cuz you only gave us one day to pre-register). Can you still up it with a $5 entry fee?

Not sure if this is your first time running a tourny but I only expect pre-registration and change of fees for majors… and even some majors don’t even do that let alone a weekly tourny. Just my two cents

Plz let me know if its $8 or $5. Thank you.

sending email now.

Yea the cut off was the 28th, but i myself as a participant thought that was a bit rough to slap the 8 dollars. I just discussed this with other members of the club.

so to make things clear:
I have lifted the late registration until the day of the tournament. so those of you who wish to pre-register can still do it for 5 dollars up until march 5th 11:59 pm. just email your name and nickname and you’ll be put on the list.

I got your email. Thank you for pre-registering. your fee is 5 dollars just to be clear.

It seems like you going have to park on the side on S. Campus Dr. or you can pay for parking on campus. i’ve heard it was 5 dollars to park but I’m not sure. I have a lot of obligations today so I couldn’t get the complete details. I’ll update more on the thread as time passes.

i’m guna go, i think XD

email me while its still cheap.

Can I just tell you on this thread instead of e-mailing you? Really lazy right now.

Myself (DASH) and Def. Two peeps for now, might get more but I will let you know.

Is that kool? or do you still need an e-mail?

Thanks bro.


emailed! there should be 2 people pre-reg in my email to you. hope parking will be alright

that would be fine. i’m currently setting up brackets and i would like to see the name of the participants so i can add them. but if you can email me just in case i forget. its a busy week.

thanks for your email. i responded to acknowledge that i’ve received your email. see you there.

we now have 4 ps3’s and 4 tv’s. thanks for the support. if we have time i might do team tourney but i havent discussed this with the ps3 owners if they will dedicate the console usage fom 4 to 10. but we’ll see. thank you for all your questions and posts.

warren- you can park for free on temple right before the first left you can make… you just gotta walk a while but better than getting a ticket.

btw, this is charles and your stick needs some work… the pcb is messed up, not the sanwa stick.

sup charles. thanks for updating the info about parking. i’ll continue asking around about the best parking spot available but i think i’ve exhausted my options as who to ask.

btw, charles if your entering let me know via email just to be safe so i can get a head count.

oliver: thanks for the email. you have been registered.

cynnik and rickstah:
You two have been registered for the tournament. see you guys there.

4 peeps are rolling with me now.

Myself, Def, Chaotic Blue, and ID. Can you register us off this thread instead of an e-mail … again? I’ll e-mail you if you really need me too but it seems like you check this thread pretty often.

Thanks bro. Let me know if you need the e-mail(i understand if its for somekind of official thing).

See you Friday.