Cal Poly Pomona Tourney- LIVE RESULTS


  1. Norm
  2. Justin
  3. Viscant
  4. J Cole
  5. Mike
  6. Pete B
  7. John
  8. Jeremiah
  9. Matt
  10. Danny
  11. Wicked Element
  12. Sam


  1. Justin W
  2. YiMachine
  3. Tim
  4. MYK
  5. Nick
  6. J Cole
  7. Derek
  8. Rickstah
  9. David
  10. Jaha
  11. JPChato
  12. Brendon


  1. Combofiend
  2. Justin W
  3. UCRJesse
  4. Jal
  5. Warren
  6. Date Eiji
  7. Nam
  8. Gene


  1. Victoly (DU)
  2. Amir (CH)
  3. Pyrolee (YU)
  4. Combofiend (OR)
  5. Justin Wong (KE, CH, EL, YU)
  6. JR Rodriguez (AK)
  7. Kobe Bryant (KE)
  8. gootecks (UR)


  1. Justin W
  2. Potter
  3. Crizzle
  4. Reset
  5. Chris
  6. Fanatiq
  7. Mike Ross
  8. AtrueVato

$3000 MM Clockw0rk beats Dark Prince 10-4

wong got knocked out early by this dood with chun

anybody gonna put up the vids for mvc2 later??specially the clock vs dpc pls…

I am pretty sure that those will be going up sometime towards the end of the weekend or early next week. There has to have been numerous people filming.

Vic for SBO5!!!

is 3S going on right now???


Derek Daniels

My, my how cali tekken (so cal) has fallen.


Winners: Jwong, Reset, Crizzle, Potterr

crizzle capo status was mobing though cali and happend to fall upon a tourny with 50+ ppl and wong in town.

I hear darkpince vs clockwork was hella hyppe.

more updates coming sooon…

what the word on 3S??? On Pyro, Valle, Amir? Did Rickey go?, did Vic send jWong out or just to losers?

is it amir?

WOW 10-4 clock? vids plz!!!

i’m glad clock beat his ass. You don’t talk shit to guru’s and get away with it. Respect the old school.

good shit clock
good shit justin wong

Crizzle beats reset. He is awaiting the winner of Potter vs Jwong

oh my gyaddd:looney:


fuckin Crizzle win that shit son!

Damn… Crizzle’s beasting. GO FOR THE GOOOLLLLDDDD

Vidz pls!!someone pls beat jwong and represent cali…updates on mvc2 pls

wow :sad:

It’s almost 9pm, hopefully they are prepared for the cal poly outage that always happens.

The DPC vs Clockw0rk vids will not be put online