Cal Poly Shout Out thread

just because i have so many people to thank that i wanted a seperate thread.

thanks everyone for coming out and making this one of our best turnouts.

like to thank the following people.

first off shout out to Dipset. all day everyday.

Secondly, i cant thank Marc aka The Gre and staff enough for all their help. Marc basically bends his ass backwards to help us throw these tournies, and the community sure as hell appreciates it.

Everyone who helped run tournaments, aka Gootecks, Jesse, etc.

Clock vs DP MM… One of the craziest marvel events ever.

Props to Watson and Danny Leong for dropping that cheese.

Ray and Rotendo- Thanks for bringing your console setups. That shit really helped with random MM.

good shit to chris s for coming down from fresno again. its always fun chillin with you

shout out at all the random IRC heads getting hype when i was giving live updates during mm

GG to Guywongsta, Viscant, Reset, Bean, and all you other foos i played.

Good shit JustinW for beating my ass in CvS2. Glad you decided to stop by.
PS. i didnt know you were gay.

Good shit to Vic for winning 3s. Cal Poly 3s is too serious.

special shoutout to bill and fanatiq who kept me entertained while i was about to fall asleep.

if i can think of more ill add later… but im like waaay tired. pz.

Justin - It was good seeing you again, i hope you win that tournament at Good luck. Good games to you, sorry couldnt see you on the way out, you were in finals in marvel.

Nam - Thanks for rigging brackets for me.

Clockw0rk - good shit winning that MM. I’ll tell everyone you said whats up. ;]

April fools? inside joke? :confused:


yea id like to give a shout out to nam for covering my entree fee good looking out homie!!

potter for supporting me I NEEDED THAT SHIT!!! thank you

Bill for respecting the fact that i only played mm with you to get better bcz in reality im nowhere near your level but ill b there soon… oh and also wen it comes to hype, ur like born with it dude. haha fucking made me laff the whole time during dp vs clock haha

Phat toi for coming out always nice to see you dawg…

fernboi for kicking it wit me had a few laffs n shit u koo dawg…

ducvader good match in the tournament and it was fun playing and hanging with you to. DAMN by the looks of ur tan looks like u wear ur sunglasses at night AND day haha jp

GG’s to all who i played in the tourney hadta work my ass off for that one

Havoc always nice seeing you again dawg, good shit in the tourney too…

Cam thx for giving me a ride good looking out on that one had fun hanging with you dawg…

Y2FUCKINCRAZYJAY!!! good shit u always get me in the end DAMNIT ill get u soon enuff ill get u…

blockble lazer nice seeing you again havent in a while…

rotendo thx for bringing ur shit too cuz my tv blew out hahah fucking RANDOM dawg oh btw my names ray

crizzle for coming down like that shit u got a SICK msp…

Juan [jp] damn u bald now son threw me WAY off good shit on coming down…

Ace thx for cheering me on during my big screen matches did they record me playing anthon from norcal? i want THAT shit WHOS GOT VIDS?!?!??

Nick always nice to see you, im working my way up tho, and anytime u need a blaze haha u know who to call [no homo]

if i can remember more ill come back later if i forgot you my bad then…

but yea NICE Seeing you all again and thx to everyone for giving me props for doing decent

^ my name is not Juan… its Vin Diesel… or shriveled penis (no shemale)…
Shoutouts to M Ross and the Reset for ripping me to shredds…

Orko U Are The Best!

sadly, i am not… in Gals Panic S2, maybe…

best match… guywongsta(wcwong) vs mike ross

Hey man, good matches playing you in third strike. Peace