Cal State San Bernardino casuals? potential tournys?


Hey Everybody,
I go to CSUSB and if anybody goes or is near the area and would like to set up some sort of weekly casuals for SF4 or Marvel or both just post availability on here. If we get enough people maybe we can do a mini tourny or something.


there was a tourney held there way back in early vanilla. I don’t know of any scene at that school


oh okay…yea I just transferred there and wasn’t sure if anything was going on. I wanted to try and get something started.


Me and dream merchant are near CSUSB. I have a friend who used to play and is really good that also doesnt live too far away, but he hasnt played in awhile.


oh nice. Yea if you guys are down anyone is welcome. I am going to see about maybe putting up some flyers on campus soon. What day(s)/time you think would be good?


I currently go to CSUSB and play AE a lot. I have UMvC3 but I’m not all that great at it yet. Anyway, I’ve played with quite a few people on those free last Wednesday of the month things, but it’s uncommon to find anyone actually great. Let me know!


Hey whats up. Yea I mostly play AE too, marvel from time to time but likewise I’m not that great. What’s your availability this quarter? Maybe we can set up some weekly casuals or just play between classes or something. Do u live in SB too or just commute to school?


I currently commute from Apple Valley. As for availability, MWF it’s basically class from 9am-10:30am, then 12-1:10pm, and finally 2:30-4pm, then TR 5:00~6pm. So there are lil breaks in between on MWF, and a big break if I come early on TR’s.


last Wednesday of the month things???


Yeah, at the Gamers Lounge in the SU, there are usually Free Play days on the last Wednesdays of the month. They didn’t have AE at the time, so it was just Super. Wasn’t really any different for me though, Fei wasn’t all that different except sweep option lol.


Yea I have small breaks on MW too. what about Fridays after class? Try to get a session going from 4-6. Or Thur like 3-5. Any thoughts?


That might work. It’ll just depend on my workload and how busy it’ll be haha. Other than that, should be fun. I just have a ps3 se stick though, unless you have ps3 as well xD


@Deadshots: Yea I hear ya I know the workload can get pretty hectic. I have a dual mod qanba stick so I can play on whatever. I know they only have xbox in the gamers lounge so we would have to try and get a room, which I hear is not too difficult. I can bring my acer monitor but you would have to bring ps3 in order to use your stick. I have an extra TE stick but it bugs sometimes. Think something might be wrong with joystick. I can bring that and we can try to use it if u dont want to bring your ps3. We can just play in lounge.

@Dodgers2213: would you be able to make it like on a Thur from 3-5 or Fri from 4-6. If so which one is better. Ask your buddy too if either of those times would be good. U guys play on ps3 or xbox? or both?

@Everyone: Week can start slow and do like a bi-weekly thing or we can do every week if people are down. It doesn’t matter to me. Feel free to post any input or suggestions.


i live up university parkway near the Ralphs. I don’t actually attend the campus, I go to CSULA by train, but i went there one time for a tourney years back for vanilla. I play on 360


I live like right down the street. I do not go to the school nor do I plan on attending but… Since you guys want to start something with CSUSB I can help out with getting people to go if that is okay? ^~^

We run casuals down at our on campus lounge at Valley so we do not mind picking up and going over to you guys. Just one thing, we need a TV’s. Cause there is no way in hell I am going to pay to use the gamers lounge at CSUSB, might as well just go to the computer science building and ask to use a free projector lol…


I’m taking a course at CSUSB. Tues 2-3:30 and Thurs 2-5:30, so if you guys are there after that I’d be willing to play.


I wouldnt be too comfortable taking my setup. Would be kind of annoying to move it out from where it is :confused:
I dont have a job, have school on mondays and wednesdays. I’m open for other days


I see, no worries about the set up. I don’t mind bringing mine but that would only be 1 xbox and 1 monitor. It would kinda suck if we had more than a handful of people.


whatever happened to this? lol


Sorry man I was pretty much swamped with classes that quarter then after I decided to do a study abroad. I’ve been in Japan for past few months. I won’t be back until like mid August.