Calgary Thread 2011

Oh yeah. That just happened.

Happy new year!

That’s the home page for CSF HQ. Links for schedules, ranbats, and staff found at the banner at the top. Open at the discretion of the following individuals who are designated keyholders.
Derryk (derryk)
Troy (Dirgesong)
Dug (TheLastWolves)
Lap Chi (lapchiduong)
Jamie (Jozhear)

If you want to know when HQ is open, check the schedule. Keyholders, please maintain a flexible and solid schedule by updating the schedule with your availability and trying to keep the HQ going for at least 4 days a week.

This page is full of info for the Calgary HQ including the address of HQ, contact info for the keyholders, and this will also be the designated thread for last-minute notices and updates regarding the schedule. Please use this thread to communicate with the keyholders about hours and availbility, but ALWAYS check the schedule page linked above before doing anything.

This is a learning experience for everyone so please contribute to our growing understanding of how to make HQ work best for everyone.

Welcome to the Calgary 2011 SRK thread.

We strive to be a friendly community.

We host casual street fighter events every wednesday at a restaurant called Tubby Dog, so please come out and play a few rounds:

Address: 1022 17 Avenue SW Calgary AB Canada T2T 0A5
Tel: 1 403 244-0694

The following spreadsheet contains details about many of the people you might meet on this forum or at local street fighter gatherings.

It is our hope that you might get involved with the scene yourself - we always look forward to meeting new challengers!

Calgary Street Fighters (CSF)

virus - steve (sakura/viper)

88Xin88 - Sam (ryu)

Awesomersaur - falken (dictator/seth)

bboysanstorm - sang (gief/sagat)

blackadde - mike m (makoto)

bobacha - Tim (nakoruru, hibiki, rolento etc)

chuckbartowski - christian (fuerte)

cocokillah - edwin (guile)

darkknightiv - ray (MSP?)

Dave T- dave (cammy)

Deimlos - Mike F (claw/gen)

derryk - derryk (undeclared)

dirgesong - troy (dhalsim)

dojamasta - shawn? (?)

duckstrong - mike c (guy, gouken/dhalsim?)

errickson - errickson (guile)

foger - tyler (boxer)

genki - tetsu (t hawk)

ImagineVC - peter (ken)

Infil - ricky (random)

jozhear - jamie (claw)

killey - alvin (viper)

kuroro - barret? (adon)

lapchiduong - lap chi (blanka)

llltrick - richard (gouki)

Miller - Miller (unknown)

Misguided Angel - Andrew (adon)

moth - marla (undeclared)

nos99/bkb - greg (hakan)

Number5 - Mark (ryu)

ouchparcel - josh? (unknown)

ph1l - phil (fei/ryu)

psychjosh - josh t? (gief)

sakeido - cody (abel)

Shanghai Kid - Byron (ibuki?)

ShinAkumax - genesis (gouki)

shiro_420 - steve (chun li?)

SinisterMephisto - Simon? (sakura)

solgun - unknown (cammy)

TheLastWolves - dug (viper)

Vanilla - Adam (fuerte)

vietdood - hai (guile/dudley)

x_tremer - mike n (boxer/rufus)

zakky - zak (rufus/sagat)


LOL, sloppy thirds!!! hope everyone has a good New Years, I see that people are playing dance central over at Troy’s so I am sure it’s gonna be good!!! Take some footage!!!

Happy New Years everyone! Wishing you all the best in 2011 hopefully its a good year for all!

Anyone down for teams next Wednesday?

Happy New Year, Calgarians.

May good fortune and health find your way.


finally a game that I can beat you guys at!!!

Happy new year everyone.
I made great friends from tubby and I’m grateful to live in calgary.

happy new years everybody
hope you rang in 2011 happily and responsibly :lol:

On the first page! Happy new year!

You can’t make the 2011 thread in 2010, not cool.

Happy new years guys. Remember the world comes to an end in 2012 so make this year count.

Happy New Years everyone. You guys are all my bros and I’m glad Street Fighter has given me the opportunity to chill with you.

Quick 2011 Notes

  • If I dont already have you on Live/Psn, add me up! I’m always down for games
  • No, I am not switching from Fuerte, deal with it.
  • You are coming to EVO this year. Yes you, the person reading this! Last year was too epic, we need everyone to make the trip this year.
  • Premptive Man…fuck Marvel, ragequit!

We beat a lot of your scores last night Greg dances like a motherfucker. Everything hurts. Time for dim sum to cure the pain

We’ve been playing under the wifes gamertag as her hard drive is on the xbox upstairs, where as mine is in the office hooked up to the lagless. I will add you though, her gamertag is Staceyfacebaby, we had a pretty big session here on boxing day with my family, and I am sure there are some good scores up there. For the record though, I was the best here still, even against all the girls!!!

Hey Mike M! I found another unblockable jump-in. Against Makoto! Turns out it’s just the regular ol’ whiff s.MP after slide+press setup that I’ve been doing this whole time!

If I time it perfectly (which I probably don’t all the time), it’s one of those things where you have to just-defend to block. Probably explains why you have difficulty blocking the jump-in. :sweat:

Good news for you though! Makoto is like Fuerte in that she can leave the stick at neutral and completely avoid my jump-ins after slide+press. It’s actually really really hard to do a good jump-in against her after slide+press if she doesn’t touch the stick… I think I would have to neutral jump instead, or try to use a normal that moves my collision box forward into her head (she’s face-down head-towards) to push me back before I jump… Step Low maybe? Kick her face-box?

Anyway, you don’t have to deal with all my usual slide+press jumps that I normally do against you, and that’s where I get tons of damage. If you leave the stick at neutral, then throw when I land, I’m forced to tech (or empty jump U1/MK-super/oily EX-Dive/blah). You could probably just hit me for free if I whiff the attack too.

Basically, I’d have to switch to different (and much easier to block) jump-ins instead. Yay Hakan!

Every time I’ve done this against you it’s worked, but it is terrifying.

piece of fucking shit 2011
fucking fuck fuck piece of fucking shit fuck everybody
last night on my way home after countdown i get pulled over and handed 2 tickets that add up to $400. i come home all pissed off and hook up my brand new xbox slim and find out the power brick is broken and there is no power running through it. so now what??? happy fucking new year?!? fucking fuck fuck. just bitched at microsoft for an hour and they still didnt compensate me. fuck everybody, fuck the world.

edit: fuck 2011, bring it bitch

What’s stopping you from just using j.MK and comboing from it, if someone tries to leave the stick at neutral?


Happy New Years everybody, hopefully it was good times had by all. I managed to sleep from 1-1, so I missed all the festivities. Also, good job cockblocking Mike with starting the thread Jamie, the fresh blood is pumping!

The best times of this last year have definitely been assosciated with you guys, from Canada Cup, to Quadforce at Sole, to FINALLY beating Phil in tourney, lots of good memories had, and to be had.