Calgary Thread 2011

my philosophy is to play the player, not the game.
for example, most would agree that jumping is a bad idea and generally i’d agree…
against Sang, it’s a terrible idea to jump-in on sang because he’s great at anti-airing and Sagat really punishes with his anti-airs. so i jump very little against Sang.
against Jamie, i jump much much more often because there’s not much Vega can do about it. he has slow normal anti-airs and it doesn’t hurt that much. the reward far outweighs the risk.

i use the same thought process with my wakeup srk. against certain people, they will almost always press buttons on my wakeup so of course i’m going to wakeup srk.
but against thuyet, he always always baits a wakeup srk so its a terrible idea against thuyet.

to limit yourself to one style of play is exactly that, limiting yourself as a player. the best philosophy is no philosophy.
my 2 cents.

I got a new phone two weeks ago and realized I hadn’t posted the number on here. If you’ve been trying to get a hold of me, this is the reason I haven’t been answering: 1-587-894-1677

if you can’t handle the heat, do as the romans do.

Made some corrections to my registry and turned vsync off and it works like a charm

what corrections did you make to your registry?

you might be able to get this guy to make customs: Project: LLC Metal Replacement Panels Round 9 Stainless Steel

anyone opening today?

Not I, I’m at work in just over an hour :frowning:


so ultras, focuses, etc. scale at an additional 10% whenever you use them in combos.

we all know the first two hits are 100%.

However, if an ultra and focus scale as 2 hits, if they’re the first hit of your combo do they scale as the second hit?

what i mean is, they’ll obviously do 100%, but will any possible follow ups immediately be scaled at 80% (it goes from 100, 100, to 80, then 70, 60 etc)? If yun hits raw ultra and does lunge punch, does the lunge punch do 80%?

Same with focus follow ups. never actually paid attention to that before. they must get scaled as the third hit. otherwise focus combos would be the best possible damage.

ill check, i believe it will scale to 80% however

i think so too

RSVP senor

FA > ultra, ultra scales to 71%, so 4 hits.

FA > normal scales 80%, 70, etc

Yes, they scale as the second hit.

Nvm Falken got it.

what about you hou to lunge punch or abare to fukiage?

Raw Ultra > Any move is scaled into 80% without guts factor.

yeah. summed up its ultras & focus attacks always count as 2 hits together. their damage scaling is calculated as if it was the 2nd of those two hits

starting a combo with raw ultra as Yun will make scaling pick up afterwards like its the 3rd hit. I don’t know how it works with Yun & Yang’s ultra & super combo stuff though… that stuff apparently plays by much different rules

what a badass name for a scaling mechanic


Thank you all

i just double checked. i knew ultras counted as the 2nd of two hits but i wasn’t sure if focus attacks did
in an interesting bit of trivia, Abel is one of the only characters in the game who can combo into a crumple without a fireball… i can’t remember who the others are. Vega I think.

counterhit change of direction xx lvl2 focus, c.fp xx falling sky does 287 damage
CoD 100%
focus did 80%
c.fp 70%
falling sky 60%

roundhouse chicken wing, s.fp xx flame kick FADC roundhouse chicken wing does 460 damage… good god