Calgary Thread 2011


does that answer your question?

@daniel duuuude 1:10+ = epic

looks like i’m getting a place of my own, finally moving out of downtown. want place closer to work. or cheap, haha. i hate paying rent when i know i could really just own a house / condo

That’s pretty much screwed. But for some reason I’m not quite surprised.

Good to know derryk!

That’s fucking ridiculous.

heard the same thing from sherry’s facebook.

Major controversy. I guess this means BananaKen and Hsien also had to pay for their trip to japan? Fuck it, sue the bastards if that’s the case. what the fuck were they thinking? Someone fucked up majorly.

I heard about this shit before… Can’t believe they still let him do qualifiers?

They clearly didn’t let him do qualifiers… I would guess he somehow forged it? I mean… it makes no sense otherwise that SBO would just reject the players with the cards.

Reading up on past threads like this is pretty depressing: Planet Zero SBO qualifiers are Rigged

Sounds like he has a long history of this type of behavior and he suckers in people who didn’t know any better. :\

Also, this sounds pretty weird:

I really hope they aren’t actual gameplay modifiers. :frowning: “Add 20 damage to your SRK but take 20 damage off your hurricane kick!” would be really dumb. Something like “your EX fireball is green and puts your opponent into electricity shock instead of fire shock” is fine… just little cosmetic tweaks. I’m scared they’re going to drastically change how a character is played, though. Especially since they’re randomly given?? Gonna have to grind to get that +50 to supers gem!

Apparently it’s actually SBO’s fault. They miscalculated the number of teams who qualified. According to Fubarduck

Reminds me of Valkyrie Profile

is that a new version of:

derryk is passing on his sc2 acc btw fougere

To you, or to anyone? I’d like myself an account in sc2 if he’s passing it on to anyone and nobody is interested xD

we can share it daniel

Yay! Thanks Falken!

I’m not going to play very often btw.

yea me either

They thought about giving X-factor one hit of hyper armor on everything, in addition to letting it be activated in the air?!?

next let them BREATHE FIRE and SHIT PINEAPPLES upon activation

cmon capcom

Just did all the handicap trials in 3rd Strike Online… man those things are really, really hard. The Yun/Alex one took me 61 tries, and the Akuma/Ryu and Makoto/Q ones about 40 tries each. :frowning: In the end I had to cheap them out, of course.

  • Akuma/Ryu: Spam heavy tatsu over, and over, and over. You’ll do good chip and sometimes hit. If Ryu hits you out of it… try again. When you have two bars, wait until heavy tatsu knocks down, then meaty demon.
  • Makoto/Q: If you can land the karakusa loop (HK karakusa, stand fierce xx HP hayate, HK karakusa…) you can stun him, then do a jump in into super. Sometimes spamming cr.HK beats his dash punches and dashes for a start on that stun. If you block a low dash punch, sweep with cr.HP then walk up karakusa and start the loop.
  • Yun/Alex: I dunno… I tried to anti-air him with st.MK when he jumped, and I would punish all his dive kick things with cr.MP xx lunge, then run away and build meter. If I was feeling ballsy, I would do a dive kick and jab strong fierce xx jab shoulder, then gtfo out of there… but he would almost always anti-air my dive kick instantly. Basically I spammed st.MK, cr.MK and cr.MP for meter, then tried to punish dive kicks or parry obvious shoulder tackles. If I had super, I would punish with cr.MP xx super, link HP lunge instead.

Only Elena’s really annoying 5th and Ibuki’s 5th left. I had to cheat a few of Sean’s with the stun glitch, though. His were so annoying since everything he has is so slow.

So now XF lvl1 is obviously active for less time… and XF lvl3 is… less too? For the love of god I hope it isn’t MORE time. :looney:

In other news, I finally learned how to land 9 cubes off a throw in the corner with my team… but then I also learned that if I start with no meter, all I get is the single max-power super and 747,000 damage, because cube combos don’t build any meter at all!

BUT! If I don’t go for cubes off the throw in the corner, and go for pure damage and meter instead, I can get over 2.5 meters, 940,000 damage, and still walk away with half a bar.


Eh… the way they talk about extending lvl1 and 3 X-factor (but not level 2) makes me think that level 3 will be shortened, but level 1 extended. Just a hunch based on trying to balance around the equilibrium somehow and/or give people incentive to use lvl1 more. :\ But you can activate in the air, and it doesn’t sound like they touched the damage much…

Air activation sounds really cheap to me.