Calgary Thread 2011

I ferget. How do you change your country settings on xbox? I wish you could pick to play with just US and Canada

System Settings > Locale

Derp =.= will do when I get home. Now I just need better internet.

holy shit i’m about to refrain from posting outside of this thread ever again

the amount of profound idiocy on these boards is amazing

lol. Is it about eSports? I hope so, cuz that topic is rad. Totally rad.

kind of, but not really

some pro-insular-fgc moron made a post saying that “many top players dont use frame data”, which is typical of someone who has no idea wtf they’re taking about, so i called him out on it

then people tried to tell me frame data is no good and then went back on what they said

i dunno, fucking stupid. but every post in this thread except for mine and codys was pretty fucking stupid, you can read if you want a laugh: Esports, commentary and moving forward

speaking of fgc/programing, check out this. shots fired:

whoaaaa. the FGC on blast. I like how he minces no words and just says straight out Tom Cannon is only looking out for himself and his own event.

People should post their xbl tags so I can add them and they can whomp me online (I suck extra hard online, I lose to everyone :sad:)

since i like posting links:

this is some pretty awesome commentary lolllll

i’ll be gentle :sunglasses:

evil genius mode: Lap Chi could be the guy to partner with MLG and hold the first SF/Marvel major under their banner. that is probably up to Capcom more than Lap but hey. I see an opportunity to leave the FG establishment in the dust here and make something big on his own

the last MLG stream set records, almost 280k concurrent viewers. 3.5 million hours of streamed video in one weekend. Evo had what 80k? with a Lap Chi quality event, MLG payouts and production values, man… 80k would be peanuts for reals

XBL: Noel Rochefort


I actually thought that was what all the secrecy behind the most recent event was for. I dunno, this kinda thing makes sense to me. EVO=/=The fighting game scene. I think all these other tournament organizers have a huge opportunity up for grabs.
Greg: VanillaSRK

you should add tiffany’s too so i can body you guys when im playing at her house
XBL: teapho


XBL: AsianCupcake8

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I’m sure Lap considered this ages ago.

And yeah, the sooner the fighting game community can dissociate itself from the Cannons the better.

Lap ml chi

homie’s got his own league son


i like beer