Calgary Thread 2011

I think that pretty much defines a meter hog, its not like you can 100% with wolverine with 1 meter, while you can with other characters. without 1 meter his combos are pretty shitty :stuck_out_tongue: and having to blow a level 3 to get an easy kill is being a meter hog.

The other fact that if you want to use berserker charge, you don’t generate meter while its active. Hes a hog, deal with it bub!

if i’m playing wolverine and i’m not spending meter on random berserker slash into berserker charge i’m not a very good wolverine

MvC3 is not fine on PS3. It lags pretty randomly on Xbox as well though. It’s bad enough to make you drop the odd combo.

ehh i no longer care what my opponents think of my playstyle. i’d rather win with no honor than… lose with honor? at the end of the day, all that matters is the W.

Dante/Taskmaster/Phoenix would be something I’d run if I used Phoenix. Dante builds 3 meters off of his BnB and he can DHC glitch into Taskmaster if you want but something you’re less likely to do since you are using Phoenix. Both characters have high priority normals, invincible moves, build lots of meter in one combo, and can switch between zoning and rush down. Jam Session/Weasel Shot and Horizontal arrows sound like they go well together.

task arrows / arthur knives / doom missiles does stupid chip. i’m gonna try that team out next week. :stuck_out_tongue:

and the ps3 version of marvel is garbage. i drop fly combos all the time because the screen jutters when i try to airdash after flying.

Yeah i understand that haha, i’m just a hater of phoenix~ unbiased phoenix hatred! I’d keep taskmaster though, that character is beast and builds good meter. Like Killey said too, dante is pretty ridiculous as well haha

only way to win is to disrespect your opponent. play as dirty as possible. make him hate your playstyle. there are no friends in the battle field!
but in real life i love you all!

Dante is the games best legit character
Phoenix being the games best character but I wouldn’t apply the “legit” label to her

PS3 MvC3… I drop a lot of combos on multiple characters because the game starts to stutter so bad, especially if one of the chars being combo’d is sentinel

I try to play on the simplest stages in MvC3 even on the 360 version because I’ve noticed the game jitter at random times on the more flashy stages. I hate the training stage but it’s the stage that gives the least amount of issues both off and online.

Also, I’ll most likely be in Calgary from June 09-12 leaving on the Monday afternoon so if you guys are doing any games that time let me know or if you want to secretly play games and not tell me that’s cool too. sniff I’ll also be in Calgary for the Calgary Expo during the 18-19 so if some of you are going to that we can chill then too. Lap, we should get some people together sometime when I’m town and go drinking. I’ll buy you some drinks if you are kind to my wallet. lol

you know what the worst part about mvc3 is?

when your assist is being combod right above your head by a loop, and how you cant do a fucking thing to stop it. if you press any button whatsoever you will get caught in the shitstorm because the game slows down to a frame by frame slideshow every time your assist is hit. its absolutely fucking retarded. i dont think ive ever stopped that from happening. launcher to hit the opponent gets you sucked into the loop, AAs get you stuck, supers get smashed out of their startup animations. invincible moves even get caught. it doesnt make any sense at all. if someone can explain what the fuck happens when your assist is getting combo’d i’d love to know it

I hope they implement a rule to only play in the Danger Room for Evo. That would be hilarious on so many levels.

hittin’ some online STREAT FIGHTA PHO tonight.
msg me on XBL if you wanna jam endless battle.

when are you keymasters gonna be at the HQ next?

*Your Honor, ladies and gentleman of the audience, I don’t think it’s fair to call my clients frauds. Sure, the blackout was a big problem for everybody. I was trapped in an elevator for two hours and I had to make the whole time. But I don’t blame them. Because one time, I turned into a dog and they helped me. Thank you. *

yeah this shit drives me crazy. when you hit someone there is hit freeze and hitstun. freeze is what gives the attacks impact and nothing happens during it, everything pauses. hitstun is what you actually use to do combos and stuff. hit freeze for some reason applies to not just the charactres hitting each other but also the extra characters floating around the screen… you can’t do shit when it is happening! so freakin annoying

its times like that I’m glad I have maximum wesker to clear things up, although I’ve gotten sucked up into combos like that before. when somebody starts comboing my assist when I have X-23 or Akuma on point… that character is basically dead. its funny that we were talking last night about how its nice characters don’t switch sides automatically anymore, but it makes it harder to cover your assist when you can’t just dash underneath them so the other guy’s point char starts attacking the wrong way

I really don’t like the side switching stuff by jumping over bodies after knocking somebody out, either, but that’s just me

Re: Derryk sometime next week. cody and i have the place in two days and i’ll probably chip away in terms of moving our junk but my parents are gone this weekend and need someone to look after the place anyways, so start of next week i’ll most likely be moved in and closing HQ every night.

Re: Phil Yeah my phone totally crashes trying to look at SRK. what a shitty website

Re: Cody and tyler put Dante on your team and use jam session. that’s that moves primary use lol. but tyeah when magneto and sent are out there it’s kinda a crap shoot. It’s just a bad situation and you’re getting punished for making a mistake… at leaset be happy your point character can just run away and not take damage i guess.

This shit right here drives me insane. I don’t know how the game determines which side the next character pops out after killing a character and the worst part is they don’t auto-correct your positioning ahead of time just only when the character comes out so you’ll do something like set up a mix up game with an assist only to have Sentinel fry pan the two of you from behind into death. :mad:


if you an’ cody need a hand moving, lemme know. i hate moving.

keeping it to a minimum is the best plan of action… and many hands make steady work.

yeah as for the side, it always is the side you’re furthest away from that ppl come out. Just position yourself to be far away from the corner when they come in but obviously still facing it.

If you’re facing the other way and want the character to come in to the corner just run to the opposite side again. I’m pretty sure the screen doesn’t move when you’re waiting for the next character to come in.

I’m not worried about the side they come on so much as the timing of their apperance. so many times i’ve gone to set up a sick trap on some bub coming in unprotected and then all the missiles and stuff go past and THEN the guy comes on to a whiffed assist and set up which could leave me in a WORLD OF HURT.

Re: Peter that’s the way.

Re: Tyler heh yeah I picked vega cause I liked him. not cause he was bad. Yeah I’m not a scrub!

Re: Derryk much appreciated homey, I think I will call up on the services of Calgary thread 2011 when the time comes. At first I thought we wouldn’t neeed help but since my parents are gone and we obviously want to aim for the weekend to get it all done thn yeah I might have to ask for some help. Keep in mind we live in Cochrane which may be a long drive for some.

EDIT: As for the Dante debate I’m starting to really think Dante is better and better as time goes on. A lot of the stuff that we’ve said about Dante in terms of his defense or jump ins being sub-par is actually not that big a deal since I’ve realized he still has answers for all of these things.

for instance, stand L is amazing against tri jumps. yeah it’s a little slow. but let’s face it - who can do better than that? seriously. not even taskmaster or Zero has a standing L that is disjointed and covers basically an entire character width in front of dante. That’s probably the best normal move in the game.

As for the jump in debate, if someone wants to anti-air you with a stand L like magneto, hammer his ass. It doesn’t have the same range as a spaced bold air H but then again, that’s spaced, AND disjointed, so it wouldn’t lose anyways. you can mix up a normal non-spaced jump in for a standard heavy damage combo or you can hammer to beat the AA that would beat the jump in - the combo’s weaker, but you have options.

Mainly, I’m pretty sure Dante has a great matchup against Wolverine. again, citation standing L, nobody has a better defense against Bersker slash than dante. On top of that, if the dive kick is such trouble, dante can just teleport behind him and run away again. (while still being able to call assists).

So yeah. I think it’s possible that Dante can be number one. if you play an offensive dante, you’ll do better - period. I used to think Blah blah blah zoning but nah, whenever I rush down things simply work. I dunno if it’s just cause people don’t know the maatchup or what, but it’s working so well.