Calgary Thread 2012

dude, fuudo fucked up daigo bad…

3-0 straight up.

daigo was off his execution and fuudo’s OS is sooo smart. soo fucking smart and crazy reads.

I think it was the online lag (however minor it may have been) that was screwing up Daigo’s execution. If my Japanese isn’t too rusty, I believe I heard Shiro and the other commentator mentioning something about the online or how the players might need to make adjustments. Tetsu could provide a more accurate translation of that part though.

Daigo pretty much lived in that corner throughout those sets against Fuudo. The crazy thing is that he was perfectly comfortable backing himself in the corner and fighting it out. He still out footsied Fuudo in every case and I don’t think he jumped outside of a knockdown situation.

EDIT: Battle logs are updated.

Man, I would really like to see this match between the best Sagat’s in Japan. I also want to see the matches with Sako and Momochi. I really want to see how Momochi utilizes the Cody buffs.

I’m also surprised that Mago is using Fei-Long because I heard he was going to main Juri now. He also said during 2012’s release that he would also use Sagat.

Jaymoiiyeeeeee wanna play some street foytuh?

jamie, just spoke with sicx. he’s available to do the ft5 tomorrow at 11:30pm our time. does that work for you?
cody you should come by too so we can chat about technical stuffs. anyone else who is interested in being an audience, let me know!! (as long as jamie doesn’t mind an audience)

Bonchan vs RF is up on OverheadGreg’s channel now.

That OS ultra from Fuudo was actually a mistake, but it worked out for him anyway! lol

i would also like to see those matches.
it isn’t Momochi, but check out the Sasaki v. Mago in this “EXCITING” thread

cody is the BEST

man daigo better start winning so i don’t look so stupid for being such a nuthugger

Daigos da best, hes clearly going easy on them~

Thx bros.

Love everything you guys wrote… the support is wicked.

I’ve failed so many times and I believe that is why I finally won something major. I kept coming close but it was so many repeated 5th place or 9th 15th 20th place finishes out of massive fields it drove me crazy because I knew I could win. I went through so much struggle and thought about giving up countless times but my inner voice just told me to never give up. I genuinely believe that no matter what anyone says you must follow your dreams and trust your instincts.

I feel like I’ve always had a pretty good mindset but something major happened to me last year that was just awful… and what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger right? So… I reframed my state of mind because after all… Life is what you make it.

One day Peter, Nav and I were sitting in the Pete’s car just eating chillin after playin some AE. We were discussing random things in life when some shitty song came on the radio that was just completely trashy and I thought it had such a negative impact towards peoples mindsets and especially towards eachother. I told them that I wish they’d play a certain song when suddenly It started playing. I was so in shock that I started saying my thoughts aloud to make them come true. Typical things but things that matter and are important to me. Love, Health, Prosperity, Belief, Peace, Respect, Friendship, Food and Shelter for the homeless, For fucked up ppl to lose power, For greedy fucks to see what it feels like that instead of war we can provide great things for every single person on this earth because there IS enough resources! To live life is to remove suffering of people you love… I’m not good at this and I wish to improve no matter what. Even though what happened in the car that day was something so small it confirmed my thoughts and that helped me improve my state of mind immensely.

It sounds cliche however you NEED to believe in yourself in order to succeed. It’s so easy to give up… It’s so easy to wait and hope that someone is gonna get you to where you wanna be but only you have the power to do that. We must conquer ourselves before we can conquer anyone or anything!

I can’t stop here though… I’m aiming for a million from here on out.

we should have a gangsta party for the sake of feeling good in life for 2012 and year of the dragon.

bring the fabreezy, pop some champagne, snort some tequila shots, golden AK-47, pump up the jam, play some stick, and NO GIRLS ALLOWED.

cause ya know… girls are for fags.



This is the track. I’m dedicating this to Pete and Nav for that day and for everyone including myself!!!

shoutouts to golden ak-47s and snorting tequila shots!

won’t be able to make it tomorrow meng, I fly to Kelowna to visit some family and party it up with one of my buddies. don’t get back til Tuesday. technical-wise, what do you record with? HD-PVR?

Dammit Sam.

I don’t think you’re a Christian, but whenever you say something like this, I remember reading them in the Bible (though I cannot remember the exact verse). It’s starting to become thrilling now.

EDIT: I just got refused in taking my PS3 to Edmonton. I can still bring a PS3 KOF disk and a stick.

yups, i know how to record. was just gonna talk to you about how you plan to add the commentary after just for my own knowledge. i’ll record in mp4 format and i’ll give it to jamie (so bring a USB stick) then you can do your thing at home. once you get the commentary on there, i’ll upload it onto KenMastersVideos.
just give me a link to your website/twitter so i can give you a plug in the description for doing commentary.

I lost myself once. Religion is a really good way to find guidance and I read that spiritual people are much happier. I’m not super hardcore into it, I tried to be but it was really extreme and hard. I’ll never stop believing in god though, he always watches over me every second of every hour of every single day.

its ok daniel, i have a ps3 and an xbox to bring up to edmonton. im sure the templetons will bring theirs too

Sang I am down for this wolf pack party TONIGHT!!!

Im craving some chicken scampi from olive garden or some pho bo vien.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm Red wine!!!

i just realized something. i made plans with barrett to hang out tomorrow night. haven’t seen him in ages.

11:30 is too early. I have to work til 11:00 and i’m close to an hour away from your place.

Can we do something on Sunday before dickens? does that work?

so whose all going to edmonton?

i wanna go for sure, and i’m down for car pooling and splitting the gas bills.
but i got a prelude, but its basically a 2 seat car.

if no choice, i’ll probably drag nav and i along.
bromo trip maybe.