Calgary Thread 2012

I watched a bunch of the KoF. Combo’s Maxima was pretty sweet. Lots of damage with just 1 or 2 hits. Awesome.

So many Leixia’s… Make it stop…

Cervantes must be the most underplayed high-tier in the history of fighting games. I don’t get it… He’s a manly ghost pirate!

d00d u know has that spot. it’s JAGUAR TOOTH MAN

Hahaha I can’t believe I forgot about him.

so i helped someone with their stick art

The new characters are already on disc? Elena gameplay:

Give me Chriiiistiiiie. Well Shuma and Jill came one month after release and were on disc. Hopefully it’s the same with some of these 12. I just don’t see having to wait till fall for these characters happening.

Attention everyone: Heavy snowfall warning in effect for tonight.

10-30 CM are expected overnight, so plan accordingly if you’re driving to Dicken’s.

I might still go, but if I don’t you know it’s because I don’t feel like braving that shit with Transit.

Kusoru is a Japanese Guilty Gear player whose name means “Shit Sol” (Kuso + “Soru” (Sol)). He plays like an absolute retard in every game and wins anyways because his execution is unbelievable. His team in Marvel consists of Viewtiful Joe, Frank West and Rocket Raccoon.

He ANNIHILATED FChamp. Watch it here, although it’s Nicovideo so people post comments which scroll by on top of the video. You can turn those off with the text bubble button in the bottom right corner.

his matches vs Flocker and Combofiend are just as good

Trying to watch the stream, but getting internet’D. One frame every 10 seconds. :frowning:

Guess I’ll just have to try and … I dunno, never see the matches because I’m not going to watch 8 hours of archives later. sigh

OHHHHHHHH combofiend choked!!!

kusoru heading to winners finals.


nice log assist


omg mihe with the perfect on chris g…

that was one of Chris G’s best ever salty faces

Thank god I hate his team.

I take back everything bad I said bout sfxt


Woot. Kusoru in grand finals.

Takes out filipino champ, combofiend, flocker and yipes. What a run so far.