Calgary Thread 2013


In there




Happy new year Calgary fgc!


Mats on the jam room floor

Official 2013 first post is in the 2012 thread you dick forgers

Iothos street fighter for street fightt 5 bitches


happy new year homies


Happy New Year everyone!! I wish you all the best!!



Let’s make this one count…


Happy new year!


Giga new year. Have some of this!



Too bad they’re gonna delete the entire 2012 thread in a month or two, lol. (For the record, it was 562 pages and 28,087 posts… about half of the entire BC thread which has been going since 2004!)

Oh well, happy new year everyone.

What is even on the radar for the FGC in 2013? A better version of SFxT by the end of the month which may or may not get played at all, and… otherwise, just more Marvel? lol


Maybe UNIB getting a console version / localized (lol), Sega is hosting a tournament for VF5, the new Darkstalkers will probably get officially announced and we’ll get to see some footage of that, TxSF maybe also.

Perhaps we’ll get to see a tech demo of Gigamaidens also.

Other than that I can’t think of much.


I can’t believe how drunk I got last night. That was easily the most drunk I have been in my life. I don’t remember a single detail after our set and until chantelle drove us home. Can someone please fill me in on what the fuck I was doing last night? I heard tell that I took my clothes off, is this true? Jesus Christ


Just want to pop in here and wish you guys Happy new year from me and the east coast maritimes crew to the guys I know in here…best of 2013 hope we connect somehow besides evo :smiley:


Hrmm… glad I bounced early! :sweat:

So… who has my copy of marvel and sfxt? I think I took the wrong stickbag from dickens last week.


I have it Gurg. Now back to my super hangover.


What a night.


Confirmed: I took my clothes off… to go into the hot tub… HAHAHAHAH oh man

Was someone taking care of me? I can’t believe how orderly drunk Jozhear is. That guy didn’t lose anything. Keys, wallet, ipod shit, not to mention both of my socks, AND my shoes, AND i went back to take my jacket before we left. Seriously!!! Fuck man!!! Hahahahahaha!

Lol, i’m glad i’m deciding to stop drinking. Just thinking about what i did to my body last night is making me feel gross.

Here’s my recollection of last night:

Got to party
Started drinking immediately
Chasing whiskey with beer >____> thanks Greg
Played our set. I love playing drums even if i suck at it super drunk. Sorry guys.
Talking to kyle and rory about drums n shit.
Convincing some dudes to drink screech and five alive with scott. We failed and drank it ourselves
Blackness, pure and utter blackness
I’m in chantelle’s car going to go to derryk’s
Arrive at diner
Forced myself to throw up cause my body was doing terrible things. drunk jozhear doesn’t mess around
ate a holy oh my god delicious omelette
Got back to derryk’s and passed the FUCK out

on the whole i’d say what i can remember was pretty solid. ringing in the new year playing music is the way to go. that’s how i rang in 2011…

Here is a recollection of highlights from this year:

Living with my bro in Heat Death Apartment 9000
Smoking weed and eating junk food and playing street fighter, all day, every day.
Awesome FA/DC gigs!!!
Awesome gigs with my other band too!
Street fighter tournaments! Adon can win too! I made good coin playing games this year.
Made new friends and reconnected with some old ones.
Profound changes in philosophy around the end of the summer that have lasted up to the current moment.
Lots of music.

Pretty decent year. Come at me 2013.


When’s Mahvel?


Who is going to Tubby’s tonight? Is it going to be just me?


today’s tuesday homie

also according to their facebook page they’re closed until the 2nd anyways