Calgary Thread 2013

speaking of burgers, thats what the chef is making today

gonna eat outside woooooop

It has never been mandatory to do 2v2 (except that one time at Evo I guess).

It’s just a preference thing. . That costs more money, for less prize money, and is more difficult to employ, but may give a huge advantage if you and your partner abuse cross assaults.

Check out this cross assault combo @ 26:30:

Lol. But yeah, if you’re playing in a team, you’re playing with a disadvantage.

i have fridays off, i’d be down to meet up for some lunch chow at loungeburger.

fo sho lets do it. i also have fridays off (temporarily) so we can hit up any of those burger joints.

reason #12312312312312235345252534 why i only read this thread on srk

You see, this is what he really is trying to say.

Evil Ryu - (Low tier, yet very similar to Akuma, who is top tier. Just give Akuma E.Ryu’s Axe Kick and Target Combo).

He must be an Akuma main!

That thread was quite convincing, until I read the explanations to the characters he would get rid of, then I facepalmed through the back of my head.

Eeek… Interview tomorrow morning, so early. I havent had one of these in a long while :X

Goodluck, man! What you trying to go for?

web developer position at a company downtown

Yo, get a hold of me before you guys go, I’d like to come too.

Does ERyu even have a target combo? I have no idea what move he’s referring to there.

Close medium punch, close hard punch. Is the only target combo I think he has.

interviewers always ask “What are your hobbies?” and i always tell them
"I’m a hockey goalie so im comfortable being in pressure situations and I take pride in being a reliable person for my teammates."

works everytime. goalies are naturally considered to be reliable people and tough mentally. its a prestigious position so you automatically higher your value to the potential employer.

roberto luongo

Speaking of roberto luongo, anyone else looking forward to seeing some brooms on the ice tonight?

if I get called for an interview I just assume I already have the job and act like it. easier to stay cool that way and make it seem like more of a two way street rather than you desperately hoping they will give you the position.

i think only place i ever interviewed for and didn’t get was Joey Tomato’s back in the day. wasn’t good lookin enough apparently

white piggu

every single goalie ive had has been:

french canadian
loves wrestling

i dunno what it is about having pucks shot at you that attracts this exact demographic