Calgary Thread 2015


It’s tradition!
Happy new beerz, praise 2015 year of SFV :slight_smile:

Calgary Thread 2014

Happy New Years niggaZ. Guess we have to use this thread now lol






I understand wanting to keep everything in the 2014 thread and just renaming it but it seems to be a trend on this subforum to created 2015 threads - I guess we’ll just go with it.

So who’s excited for Master Series? It’s in a fucking week! I’m hoping the Edmontonians and the university guys will come and watch live.


Unfortunately, I can’t make it to the master series but I’ll support and watch the stream. I’m definitely looking forward to the level of competition in the round robin.


its “happy new year” damnit!!! happy new year!!! not happy new years!!! jeeze! some people!!! unless you say happy new year’s (day) then that’s ok.

just jokin bruv :slight_smile: happy new years

EDIT: wait maybe youre right because youre talking to an audience so it would be correct to say Happy new years. kinda like if we each had a bowl of soup in front of us, you would say “enjoy your soups” and not “enjoy your soup”.
is that right ricky?


No. New Years would never be correct. New Year’s (short for New Year’s Eve/day) would have been cool a couple days ago.


But not today!

Fuck you and your terrible grammar Amin, bringing us all down like that.


Happy New Year everyone! (Except Amin)


Happy New Year fellas!

CCG crew, can Master Series spectator passes be bought at the door? If so how much will they be?


Apostrophes are super important, dammit!


Happy new year people!

I’ll be there to watch the Master series :slight_smile:


started to play hearthstone last night, now the bnet servers are full, lol.
perfect day to grind too, it’s miserable out.

If i’m in town for the master series I’ll be there for sure. Not entirely sure when I’m headed back up North.


Oilers trade Perron to Penguins for Klinkhammer and 2015 first round draft pick.


perron was at the airport as fast as his legs could carry him

the trade only makes sense if they’re going to flip the pick + another player for a core piece, imo… I wouldn’t trust that pick with edmonton’s draft history


finished the riptor section of my guide!

so it’s complete for now until the january character comes out near the end of the month


Spectator pass is 25 for the weekend


Broz imma like not from zis country. I like can maka bad grammar all I want ok!
Lol I’m excited. I want that spot nigga! Fuck the rest of yall! (Except Daniel)
(Especially angry mike
…jkjk )


Happy New Year Calgary, all the best from your boys up the QE2. Can’t wait to see y’all next week. Prepare your buttholes, Sakura is coming


Happy New Year, shouts outs to CCG for donating to the KIT Injustice pot bonus, very cool.