Calgary Thread 2016


One day DC will make a female character so terrible that they’ll die making her




well, at least 10-15% of the time i’m playing SF while working nowadays. and i get paid more than infiltration, so… yeah. cool, i win. front page me motherfuckers



new footage from gamescom makes yooka-laylee look so promising, i’m really excited for it

level design looks like a really strong mix of modern sensibilities with old school stuff, and the music and sound design feels perfect. just really feels like the version of banjo 3 all rare fans had in their heads 15 years ago when we imagined a banjo game on future hardware

i hope the game does extremely well for the devs



So, “PlayStation Now” is merging with the PC platform, as well as releasing a dongle to allow wireless connection of the DS4, much like Microsoft has with their XB1 dongle.

Which can only mean in the near future both XB1 and PS games will be playable on the PC!

Finally. Say goodbye, consoles… except Nintendo, the only real mother fuckin’ G


list of games currently available:



Also looks like there will be a tournament coming up

eLESGA SAB and Innovate Calgary will be hosting a gaming tournament on September 15th! We will be running tournaments for Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Brothers 4, Street Fighters V, NHL 16, Forza 6, FIFA 16 and Mario and Sonic at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. More details and sign up at !



It’d be really cool if they all moved to one platform. Think of the possibilities. Master Chief and Banjo in Smash! Star Fox online multiplayer on PC!



I would hardly refer to PSNow games as “playable”.

The input lag is real…

Sucks to hear KoF14 has a crap netcode. I’ve been putting time into KI lately, and the NRS netcode is superb as well, so c’est la vie. Japan… why u so bad?



who are you playing in ki



maybe it’s bad just on PS haha. perhaps it will rule on PC?
You’d think they would just let you download the software until your membership or whatever expires, what a waste of bandwidth.

Anyway, it’s a small step in the right direction :slight_smile:



so last night i stepped away from my computer, and while in the other room i heard a huge electric shock (or something?). i have no idea what happened, but it was extremely loud, as if someone dropped a glass from 4 feet high and it smashed on the floor. i had left a stream going, i thought the person on the stream dropped something off his desk, but it was too loud for that.

i come back and my computer is off and won’t turn on. so… i guess either the power supply or mobo just got super massively fried. there was no power surge in my house and my monitors were still on and functioning fine (and my PC is routed through a UPS battery backup system anyway, so no power surge would have caused this). the only guess i have is that some dust got in my computer and did something bad.

if it’s JUST the power supply, then i can replace that for like $60 or whatever. but if it’s the mobo then i’ll just go get a new PC. i was in the market for one anyway, i guess now is the time

i wish i knew an easy way to test what parts got damaged in this. does anyone know, aside from just going and buying a new power supply and hoping for the best? as long as the data on my HDs is fine, then that’s all that matters (and even if not, i have backed up 95% of the important stuff, but would prefer to just have my data be safe)



take out everything and test one part at a time. just the mainboard + psu, then the mainboard + psu + video card, etc. you definitely don’t want to have all your hard drives and so on plugged in when you’re just testing to see if there’s a short.

if you have a multimeter you can check your power supply pretty easily (just test that the 12v / 5v rails are working okay). usually if a power supply blows you’ll know, because you’ll smell some ozone and your PC won’t even start up. i suspect that’s what happened here.

keep in mind that most power supplies won’t even turn on without being plugged into a mainboard, so the fans not coming on when you turn it on by itself doesn’t mean anything.

personally since i know you’re looking for a new PC anyways i’d just junk most of it and test the few parts you want to keep in a separate, working pc to confirm that they’re ok.



when you say “test one part a time”, what does that mean?

i am in the market for a PC upgrade but prices are really expensive right now. if it’s just my power supply (and my mobo is not nuked), i would prefer to just buy a new power supply (that i can also use in my new PC later) and keep going with this one until maybe around black friday. from what i’ve heard, if your power supply gets nuked, chances are it kind of takes other things with it, so yeah, i dunno.

maybe i’ll ask other people if they know how to use a multimeter. i think my parents have one but i wouldn’t know how to test it. maybe youtube can show me or something.

basically, if just the power supply is gone, i’ll buy a new one and use this PC for a few more months. if BOTH the power supply AND the mobo are gone, then i guess my hand is forced but i dunno how to detect that case from just the power supply being gone.



what mike means is that you’re going to have to test each hardware component to make sure that it isn’t fried.
in other words, a process of elimination.

hit up youtube or google for how to test each component. you’ll have to do it in a certain order.

usually it’s:
ps + mobo
ps + mobo + cpu
ps + mobo + cpu + ram
ps + mobo + cpu + ram + video
ps + mobo + cpu + ram + video + hdd

along the path you will find out which component is busted. pay attention to your motherboard beeps or LED codes. refer to it’s manual or book (usually online) to find out what it means.

salvage your old parts and make something from it! having a computer in your living room is pretty neat, ie: media server if you aren’t doing that already



Yo, Derryk. MKXL PC beta is out if you wanna try it :slight_smile:

Re KI: I’ve mostly been dunking people with Sabrewulf and Rash, but trying to git gud with Hisako and Aganos. I think they’re more fun. I always have your guide open on the next screen over :wink:



The beta is only player matches right now, and it shows your win/loss record… which means people can decline the match before they fight you. And since I’m undefeated now I can’t get a match 'cus everyone just ducks :(.

At least the beta is only 4 days… nice thing is it feels just like offline, even when someone is outside your region. Good news for I2. Except they’ll need to do something with cross play.



well, i did some googling on how to test the power supply with a multimeter, and unless i messed it up, my power supply seems pretty dead

bought a new power supply and now the fun begins on hooking it up, i suck at hardware

if i hook it up and it still doesn’t work, which seems like a real possibility, i’m going to be extremely sad



build a pc these days is pretty much foolproof, just follow a guide.

for the PSU,
plug the biggest plug into the mainboard
plug the 6-pin plug into your GPU (if it has a place for it to go)
plug the flat SATA plug(s) into the hard drive(s)



Anyone here play frisbee? I wanna toss some frisbee.



i like frisbee as long as it doesn’t involve tons of running (like playing ultimate). i’ll throw a frisbee around in a park though.



yo mike - next time bork is in town we play frisbee golf. I’ll holla at chu