Calgary Thread 2016


aganos got dunked really bad by sadira in s2 but it might not be that bad in s3 (though i haven’t seen the match with the new patch that buffs sadira). aganos can press stand LK repeatedly on the ground and frustrate sadira, then you have to make sure you are quick to air-to-air her with jump fierce or use back+LP flick to swat her out of the air (then do stand LK pressure on her wakeup). if she knocks you down you might have to guess or combo break your way out. if you have 1 chunk you can intentionally take a jump HK and then punish landing frames, sort of an aganos-only way to “anti-air” that’s really effective.

in other news, xian did an AMA on reddit and expressed his frustrations with sfv, you can read the top comment on the eventhubs link for a summary of what he said:



i think sfv would have survived if capcom had allowed sf4 to co-exist. instead, they completely cut off sf4 overnight and tried to jam an unfinished product down our throats. at least if we had sf4 to play, we would be more patient and allow capcom to gradually make sfv a better game.



tell me how you feel about this, peter!

i think it’s super bullshit, ken would beat the crap out of TB.
that, and he didn’t say “hey c’mon, c’mon!”



Death Battle is crap

With that said, one day I hope the girl in my avatar gets on Death Battle and stomps the fucking tar out of Korra. Because Korra is terrible and needs to bite the curb.



blasphemy!!! Ken would bend Terry over and eff him with a pickle



His own to be exact. Because he is a q u e e r



MKXL is a completely new game now. Wuuu. They universally murdered 50/50s, and armoured combo starters no longer exist (except a couple exceptions and those characters have to spend a second bar to combo), AAs are way more effective now, running got a big nerf so pressure won’t be so brain-dead and zoning will be viable, and most importantly of all, the game tells you when you get a Kounter hit now ;).

and and HNNNGH

And the PC version is FINALLY fixed and up to date and given the new netcode, and feels even better than console. And the 8 DLC characters are only 10 bucks total. Put it all in my mouth.

KI was a nice tie-over though while it lasted. But I can’t get heavily into that combo system despite my efforts.



Hey anyone here got a extra mvc3 game to sell



And I’m pretty sure terry would win that fight



who gives a rip about all that bullshit!!!












rant time

what the fuck is going on with gaming these days. there hasn’t been a new release that blows the general public’s shirt off in so long… probably since Dark Souls 3?
i want to use Mafia 3 as an example here. That game looked so good when they announced it, but apparently it’s a steaming pile of shit. people lost their minds when it wasn’t 60fps on release, yet the developers patched it within 48hrs. then they are finding examples as to how it’s lost stuff from the previous rendition - ie: no reflections in mirrors, some HUD items aren’t around anymore, blah blah. you never hear about the GOOD stuff. I bet the game is actually really fun.

which begs the question: if a developer or company pours their heart and soul into a game and it gets nothing but shit on, why try? why not just stick with 90% of new releases these days - which are crappy, pixelesque rougelike indy games that actually make money and have nothing to lose in terms of reputation or marketing? these games SELL.

i blame gamergate (still not sure wtf that was) and the general troll populace of the internet and social media bullying toward the developers and creators of new games. i truly feel sorry for all of them.

even pro hearthstone players constantly take a crap on expansions and meta and blah blah… why can’t anyone just enjoy a game anymore?

heck I’m even guilty of doing this. I can’t help but stay interested in SFV, yet, I can’t bring myself to play it because I think it’s garbage. it almost makes me wonder if capcom really thought about things such as this and took their punches on the chin as the game slowly rolled out. it’s genius, really. kind of a low risk high reward scenario.

i’ve been playing resident evil 4 recently. this game is ten years old and it’s fucking fantastic… what happened. everyone has a PC or xbox or PS5 whatever console is hot these days, yet there is a serious lack of AAA titles.

oh! and then there is no man’s sky. everyone lost their marbles when it was announced and fucking loved it for the first few weeks. then the shit storm gradually grew into a negative hate-banter hurricane and now it’s turned into a head hunting massacre toward the developer(s). is the game good? who do you trust?!

in conclusion - perhaps the games themselves aren’t bad. maybe they are, but you’d have to invest a lot of time and money into them to find out. maybe it’s the people who are bad? have gamers just turned into mouth breathing pitchfork wielding psuedo-cyber terrorists? it sure bloody seems so from what i’m seeing…



i’m not sure no man’s sky was liked “for the first few weeks”, i think the game was underwhelming for many people from the very first day

i think a lot of games are caught up in huge bureaucracy/AAA bloat that makes them hard to be really good. and yes they are becoming riskier and riskier to make.

as far as SFV goes, i’m not convinced capcom has a plan at all. they definitely weren’t hoping for much negative reaction around their game at launch, and i think their response to things has been pretty poor overall (ie, they’ve said next to nothing). as for whether it’s garbage or whether you just “think” it’s garbage, the only way to find out is to play it a bit and see if you like it.

but yeah, gamers are also way less gracious than they used to be (social media has changed the landscape of that sort of thing a lot). it’s a combination of several things, and i think the gamers have to take some blame as well as the developers.

this video is interesting



i think people will just complain, and are waiting on vr and just the most realistic game with reaction time and all



and imo all of these new games are good its just video gaming themes in general seem to be on repeat



Hopefully it means the second crash is finally happening so the big American conglomerates that ruined gaming can go crawl up their own ass and die

Would be nice if gaming became a niche hobby again



to elaborate, i do think V is bad because i have played it a bunch.
again, this is only my opinion. a lot of people seem to be having fun with the game and think it’s good.

perhaps the apparent issue here is the overwhelming presence of online hate toward new releases. it’s really hard to get an honest review… the easiest solution to this would be turning a blind eye to gaming websites / blogs /vlogs etc. and just make your own judgement based on your own experience. which is, what it is really about - is it not?

this opens up a whole different can of worms - streamers either make a game look really good, or really bad - depending on how they play and their general disposition.

that’s it, i’ve decided. come 2017 i’m avoiding all gaming related multimedia except what is readily available from a console or pc’s storefront, less reviews. i’ll be in my cave if you need me guys. wish me luck… haha.



Sometimes shit just sucks

Lately, everything sucks

Being a sycophant to these giant companies that pump out anual releases of garbage is no bueno



there are still good games around though. we are just more sensitive to the negative news because it spreads so much faster than it used to now, with social media and blogs and stuff.

rocket league is a fantastic game, one of the best multiplayer games i’ve ever played, and the devs really care about it. there is e-sports going on for it, if that sort of thing interests you, tons of free content, and a game of more or less limitless skill ceiling. it’s an example of a “feel good” game story for me.

i’m looking forward to yooka-laylee next year, too. by all accounts the game is shaping up extremely well (it has been playable at cons over the last few weeks for the first time) and it should be one of those nostalgia trips for people who enjoyed lots of 3D platformers like me. again, done by devs that seem to “get it”

fighting games are in a pretty weird spot right now, though. sfv being what it is (both as a game and as a force in the FGC) has really changed the landscape of the entire scene. i think a lot of players would “rather” play other games, but they kinda can’t because sfv is where all the money and fame is. you had tokido interested in KI before sfv but then dropped it when he realized sfv would pay his bills and ki wouldn’t. you’ve got daigo playing nothing but hearthstone these days. you’ve got twitter talking about playing kof and guilty gear a lot, but those numbers are still low at events compared to sfv because they don’t have big bucks and viewer support.

what are fighting game devs supposed to learn from this? “have street fighter in the title to succeed”? launch a functionally broken game (online, menus, etc), with 8f lag, and get panned by the casual scene, but still dominate the entire FG landscape somehow?



thumper v good. xcom2 has been fun, and i still have the new phoenix wright to play.

still have to get some people together here for overcooked and crazy chicken horse, and i bought inside.

games are great!