Calgary Thread 2016


overcooked is really good, probably just the right amount of challenging for people at a party. if you get a dedicated group of gamers together, the game isn’t that difficult, but still lots of fun. hoping for some DLC

i’m on case 5 of PW, it’s a … very interesting game. it’s the classic PW formula but it feels quite a bit different from other games in the series. i am pretty interested to see the resolution to the game. music is strong but probably a tad weaker than PW5’s music. i want to say more but will stop for now

if you liked limbo you’ll like inside. i think the reviews for it were pretty overblown but it was fun enough to recommend at $10 or whatever. beatable in under 5 hours (probably closer to 3 or 4).



I’ve been enjoying the games industry pretty wholeheartedly. There’s not much on the horizon for me to look forward to (For Honor), but there’s such a tremendous amount of content out there I’ve never really had the time to be all caught up and ready to be jaded for the next thing. Fuck, there’s still a game on the NES I’m going through right now that is pretty interesting.

In terms of game reviews, well- that’s it’s own bag. Games are completely up to how you feel about them which can be affected by a myriad of sources, let alone the game itself. Typically I’ll just watch E3 or whatever Nintendo Direct or whatever random press conference and see what they’re selling and more importantly how they are selling it. Indie games get spread through word of mouth like wildfire so that’s an easy encyclopedia of content that can be flipped through.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a review or watched a streamer with the express purpose to influence my decision in one way or the other. Streams and reviews have made me aware of games, but the line stops there.

Ultimately, this boils down to your tastes and what you like. A good practice when you feel like you’ve exhausted something is to find something in the same genre that you appreciate and go try that out. Trying to consume the media vicariously, particularly games media is just not advised.



well said, falken.



Wat is hyperbole



ok, who gave falken’s post a “trump”



i was fine with mcribs, this is just going too far.



I’m changing GigaMaidens to Floor Tile Fighter.

All your favorite floor tiles are duking it out for supremacy. Choose from an all-star cast of floor tiles, like Marble, Limestone, Granite, Onyx, Glass, or Cobblestone, and take down the sinister endboss Linoleum






just when the shit was hitting the fan, good old rockstar jumps in and drops an A-Bomb!

was so excited from the teaser I dusted off the PS3 and played 8 hours of red dead yesterday, lol.
may have jumped the gun a bit - realistically we won’t get a release until this time next year. but the game is sooo gooood.

edit: also, i got a grim reminder as to why i never use my PS4. the game library on PS3 is insane… not being able to carry that shit over is poop. PC master race, god fucking dammit.

double edit: I just saw that it’s getting released for PS4/XBONE and not PC.
the persons responsible for these decisions should be beaten to death at 30 fps.
fuck those dudes, seriously.



God damn the new MKXL (may as well be MKXXL) is amazing. Sonicfox getting 3rd at SCR was a great way to bring in the new game ;). Gives me so much hope that I2 will also find the amazing balance between zoning and rushdown that MKXL has. (Zoning was way too good in MK9 and Injustice and then was non-existant in MKX)

Ranked not having best of 3 and no cross-platform sucks though. I’m sure I2 will have best of 3 but fingers crossed for cross platform as well. Too bad Sony sucks…



i imagine cross platform is out of the question for injustice 2, just because the logistics would be too much and sony doesn’t want it. they’ll sell enough on all platforms anyway

i watched a decent amount of mkxl at scr and saw a lot of rushdown and not much zoning. clearly the game is different in ways i can’t appreciate since i don’t play it, but it still seems like a pretty rushdown focused game to me



It definitely serves a different purpose. But second place was Wound Cowboy’a Shinnok, the game’s “best” zoner. You can see him keep Scar out in their first meeting where he was sent to losers. But then he ran it back and ate Cowboy’s face 6-0 in grand finals. Did you watch top 16/8? Half top 8 was “zoning” characters. But that zoning definitely works a lot differently than other fighters.

The spacing right now is a lot more exciting than watching superman eye lasers and kabal gas blast spam though.
I’ll link some matches when I get home that I feel highlight the new changes. It’s a shame the Cyber Kano player in top 16 had to fight Sonicfox’s Sub-Zero first. (Cyber Kano probably has one of the best projectiles in fighting games period but Sub Zero has always been anti zoning :()

Zoning often leads to knockdowns and combos into knockdowns into vortex so yeah. Game is cheap like Marvel.



whoa, very cool PJ.

the games industry feels like the movie industry. nothing new or original lately. just a bunch of cookie cutter superhero movies. nobody wants to take a chance anymore.
for example, i just googled “movies of 2016” and the list i got was Captain America, 31, Deadpool, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Batman vs Superman, Finding Dory, Xmen:Apocalypse, The Nice Guys, Jungle Book, Zootopia, Suicide Squad, Fantastic Beasts, Independence Day, Ghostbusters, Hail Caesar, Star Trek, Warcraft and 10 Cloverfield Lane. that’s a pathetic list of recycled, non-original movies.
except i really liked 10 Cloverfield Lane, that was super original.



Agreed Peter, there is a serious lack of original movies these days - it’s a real bummer.
Although it’s exciting about Star Wars because… Star Wars.

All the comic book movies are bad, spare a slight few which have been really well done. Hollywood needs to give it a rest on the reboots and recycling.

Hey does anyone know about improving frame rate on PS3? can you do such a thing through the xmb settings? I’d imagine having it set up for 720 rather than native 1080 would make a difference. But I’ve found no concrete evidence or technical data to support it. I ask because I’m reliving some classics and it’s like watching a slide show haha.



Pretty much every PS3 game was 720 native. It’s just ports of sega genesis and ps1 games etc that may be upscaled to 1080



gotcha, so i should be setting the display to 720p then.
strange the console ‘defaults’ the setting to the highest resolution.

doesn’t help when you’re playing on huge ass baller TV either, it’s like it’s meant to be played on a small monitor or CRT haha.
i have a problem recently. previous gen console games are super cheap. scoopin’ up all the exclusives and complete series i can. hopefully when i’m old balls this shit will be worth alot.

with consoles not doing backwards compatibility it kind of leaves room for this as people just trade in or sell their old stuff for next to nothing. when nostalgia hits they’ll come a knockin’ and they better have fists full of cash hahaha.

heck, andrew you’ll like this - picked up a mint CIB copy of MK for SNES the other day - it was only 28$! (usd)
… now I have to get all 3 haha. being a collector of CIB snes games is hella expensive



Sadly the SNES port of MK1 is famously awful. It’s the one time the Genesis got a better version of something ;). (That’s saying something cus MK1 is one of the worst FGs ever made in the first place… MK2 is when they started being money, and SNES has the better version for that one… yay blood and guts!)

Scorpion doesn’t even say “Get Over Here” on Super Nintendo! Just “Come Here” I think haha



I dunno about you guys, but im having the exact opposite problem with games atm. Theres soooo many games i want im having a real hard time keeping up and also doing other non gamey things i want to do.

I got deus ex MD when it launched, as well as Phoenix wright 6 which i still havent finished, been playing overwatch a lot since i got my pc and also trying to put time into killer instinct (which is a fantastic game even though i suck at it right now). Next month the new pokemon is out as well as dishonored 2 which im desperate to play. I also found out about a game called planet coaster a few days ago which is a theme park management sim that is headed by peeps who made the previous rollercoaster tycoon games and it looks amazing. They are all out within days of each other.

This all happening at a time where money is going to be super tight for me too which sucks.



Thought you were going to post the news about my favorite game Skullgirls



You mean that it is getting a physical release? Yes that too!