Calgary Thread 2016


I bet if a new MvC does happen 15 hit combos will be the max ;). It’ll have to be pretty baby friendly.

90’s comics sure were poo!



eh i hope marvel 4, if it happens, is an advanced game with tons of grime

i don’t think i’d want to play or watch a “sanitized” marvel game, i have tons of other options if i want to play that style



I hope it’s a free to play type game if it stays true to Marvel roots. That way, there should theoretically be enough players that the game could have a ladder that worked. Where casuals aren’t going to go online and just get murked by things they don’t understand (as much)

But Capcom netcode tho…



yeah let’s be honest, the only thing that actually matters is the netcode

they said they took it super seriously with sfv and the end result was pretty garbage, so we know nothing they say matters, only the end product



I’d want it to play like MVC1 or the older games. I like that sort of back-and-forth playstyle where it could take multiple combos to kill a character.

Or at the very least, if they’re making a “broken” sort of game, at the very least make it like Marvel 2 so I can get on board with it before it’s too late.



Polygon going all in on MvC4 and saying it’s a sure thing. Wonder what they know…

Alls I can say is, I am not excited for the Dragons Dogma and Monster Hunter characters :wink:



i finished eyedol’s page on my guide, which means my ki guide is now fully up to date

i worked long and hard on this, for free, for 2 years, and i think i absolutely crushed the expectations of fgc content with a unique collection of skills (writing, FGC knowledge, teaching ability, programming) that not many people have (or, at least, have been willing to use to make content)

dunno what lies ahead for this project but for now, it’s complete. i’m really proud of it.



Oh gee, how could I ever doubt a website with a track record as shiny as Polygon’s, they’ve NEVER been wrong before

Oh wait



It is indeed one of the best ( the best?) online FG guides, Ricky. I have it open whenever I play.

Out of curiosity, PJ, what are they known for being wrong for? A quick Google search doesn’t give me an answer.

They leaked the FF7 remake a few days early, after all.

Speaking of, FFXV feels really good. Finally scratching that JRPG itch. It’s just too bad the frame rate is poo. This game will look stunning on PC.



confirmed fakery. also confirmed, polygon is shit lol.
too bad, i wanted to feel that thuggery once again.

nice work ricky. have you ever considered publishing a book? i bet mateyko would be crazy on board with that haha.




If you’re just talking about the images those were known to be fake as soon as they existed. They have nothing to do with what’s being reported on.



a book would be cool but too much work for sure. plus, there are two big problems: ki patches often so the book would be out of date quickly, and my guide relies on a lot of video/interactive stuff that doesn’t suit a book. i dunno how to solve those two problems even if the work wasn’t a factor



argh, yeah i guess patches would totally throw a wrench into that equation. but with all of your FG knowledge combined with mike’s artistic creative side i think you guys could come up with a pretty interesting book in general, even if it wasn’t about KI.

and yeah, i was talking about those images andrew haha. everyone knew they were fake for sure, but it just got confirmed is all (see: fp SRK).
either way, i won’t believe anything until PSX is over :wink:



yeah mike and i have been looking for a passion project for a while. we were going to do a sfv guide together but that fell through, and mike is really busy these days so it probably will never happen sadly



Why not help me test my game? I’m so close to having the demo done and I want some pointers on what to do next.



Well, this is embarrassing

Same damn main motif.
Also I envy everyone who saved 80 dollars not buying FFXV.



Someone talk about something! Anything but the stocktrade would be a blessing, and as sweet as deaths release.



new games suck.
get yoself a pi andrew haha.

capcom cup tomorrow! what’s everyone’s predictions / want-to-win ?

i’m rootin’ for knucledu & doggoe



Tokido gonna be taking it ;).

Also Iron Galaxy might be working on a MvC3 update? They must be busy guys.



sfv won best fighting game of the year lol

i don’t even care about the vg awards, nor did i care that any other game won or lost, but man this one bugs me. all the mistakes capcom made this year are not only okay, but they are being celebrated as the best our genre can have or hope for in the future.

i mean, the game intentionally installed malware on every user’s PC, to say nothing else of all the other crap the game pulled on people.

even though no real gamer cares about these awards, i dunno, it’s results like this that some capcom executive will point to and say “see? people like the stuff we did, we should do more of it” and that really scares me as a fan of this genre. all the hard work and forward-thinking ideas games like ki, revelator, pokken and kof have just feel wasted when brand power and a pro tour can just make it all useless.