Calgary Thread 2016


SF5’s sales tell a different story.

Besides, every gamer worth their salt knows that the VGAs are a meaningless joke. “Trending Gamer” is an actual award category. Why? Why give awards to some random dipshit who plays games on youtube? The guy who won that award tonight has like 100 pounds on me and a neckbeard denser than the amazon rainforest. When “That Dragon, Cancer” won an award I could only roll my eyes so hard. Almost everyone knows these awards don’t reflect quality.



yes, i know most gamers don’t care about these awards or use them as indications on what they should buy

but i definitely think executives and decision makers do, so when everyone says “sfv, please improve X”, in the future some out of touch capcom exec will say “but we won awards for the way it was, why would we invest the money to change it?”

did you play that dragon cancer? if not, why do you hate it so much



Ricky, TDC is not a game. Don’t tell me you played it and liked it. There is nothing there to like.

I guess it’s an appropriate metaphor, because just like cancer is very serious and not a game, TDC is also not a game.

…oh shit, it all makes sense now. I just crushed it.

Also Ricky will you help me with my game?



i didn’t play it, but it seems like a particularly weird game to hate on



Well first of all, it’s literally not a game, and it’s mainly because I don’t understand the logic in deliberately making an awful retail product that no one could possibly want or enjoy as a tribute to your dying son, instead of actually spending time with your dying son.

Like did he seriously believe it was going to be some sort of breakout indie hit by virtue of everyone feeling sorry for his situation?

Also, “That Dragon, Cancer” is a really terrible title. If you’re going to use a metaphor, you’re not supposed to just blatantly tell people what the metaphor is. That defeats the whole point of using a metaphor.



They are a joke. But to be fair, KoF and Pokken were the only other actual new fighters out this year. And KoF looked like a foot, and Pokken lol.

There wasn’t much competition, even if SFV is the worst. At least it wasn’t nominated game of the year :wink:



i’ll actually vouch for Boogie for getting the gamer of the year award. he’s such a great guy and youtube personality.
Dark Souls 3 & Hearthstone are the best games of 2016 for me, lol.

speaking of which, new HS expansion is siiick.



Nothing about Hearthstone is sick. Worst CCG ever. I mean, I could understand someone liking it if they’ve never played another one but… everything about their design of that game makes me cry.

Boogie does seem pretty rad with a great attitude. I can’t stand his out of character videos though, but his Francis stuff has given us almost a decade of laughter.



Rip my Tokido dreams. Beaten by Dominican Vega.



crazy upsets so far.
bored already of watching it though :stuck_out_tongue: I just wanna see top 8 and the marvel announcement haha.

i won’t argue with you about HS andrew, to each their own. it’s a good game, imo… that said, Blizzard tends to knock it out of the park with every one of their titles.



rip infiltration. wow.
#1 seed goes 0-2 (last place)



this tournament is nuts

i’m mad it’s happening during a work day though, i can’t really watch



That’s what you get for having a job.



Should see more of the FF7 remake tomorrow. If FF7 has the same shit combat as XV I shan’t be buying it.




I sure do love when Ricky’s japanophilia is shown what’s what ;). Ricky beats Go yeeeah



And now Derryk just got owned too. I love how I’m always right and everyone else is always wrong ;). Always come to the Andrew News Desk first.

X! X! X! My favourite game has merged with my favourite genre at long last! I can’t control my dick!



I’m glad they aren’t using Ms. Marvel’s shitty bulldyke design and gave her nice hair instead.



New Shaq Fu avatar because I lost a bet.



what was i owned for lol
i neither said yes or no, just that i don’t believe anything until after psx :pensive:

anyway, marvel! looks neat. sure will be disappointing if there are no x-men though
and i should have made a bet re: knuckledu that kid is fucking amazing



Well you said Polygon confirmed shit and too bad so I assumed that meant you were sure it wasn’t real ;). Morrigan and Captain Marvel and Iron Man look amazing. You can tell the game is still a ways away though, because Cap, and X’s models look pretty early compared to other characters… So hopefully Injustice 2 and MvCI are released at opposite ends of the year.

Sucks they started by revealing ridiculously obvious and safe characters though. Only surprise was X.

I am really looking forward to the new direction though. It’s like SFxT is getting another chance! RIP assists.