Calgary Thread 2016


Juggernaut, She-Hulk, Sigma.

I’d better get all three of them.



Sigma probably not since Ultron and Sigma seemed to be merged for the final boss. Unless they’re also two separate characters before they merge or something. That would be rad.

But if we get an X villain I want Vile ;).



They merge for the final boss but that doesn’t mean they can’t be individual characters.

Kinda don’t like that they’re doing a “heroes vs. villains” story again. Would rather that it was all the characters of Marvel team up against all the characters of Capcom for some reason.



I literally said this.

And at least it has a story lol

Curious if Marvel will put out an ongoing comic before the game is out, like Injustice. (A comic that is sill going to this day… would be dumb not to)



What the fuck lol



I’d watch the fuck out of a Streets of Rage movie if it has a kangaroo in it ;). Series, no thanks.

What’s gonna be at Evo 2017 do you guys think?

I’m hoping they downsize from the past couple years. Too many games - too unwieldy. Alls you really need is SFV, Tekken and Injustice… and I guess the two mandatory Smash games which sucks :(. I’m sure KoF14 will get a chance too. They’ll probably be announcing the games in a month, as per usual.

I very much doubt MvC will be out before Evo. Probably gonna save that as a big reason for people to go to CC and Evo Japan.



I would hope that more indie fighting games start appearing at Evo, maybe not as main stage games but as more of an indie showcase with its own stream. Whenever the Evo twitch channels have some downtime in between games, they should show off some indie games.

I’ve chatted with the devs of these games. They’re nice guys and their games have a lot of heart. They deserve a chance.



Something like that would be a great idea.



smash should be an entirely different event ala CEO. it was a fucking nightmare being around all the asberger kids at the event this year

SFV, Tekken 7, KOF 13, Injustice 2
what else is necessary, seriously. games with 500+ entrants only.

all the side stuff should be far away from the actual tournament area.



Ricky said Xrd should be there too and I probably agree. Need one anime fighter.

I would be so happy to go back to no Smash but it will never happen (even though combining the two scenes has lead to so much toxicity that I don’t think is going to get better either). They’re just so… different. It’s funny how you can go to Evo and know who is a Smash player and who isn’t just by looking at them haha. Too bad they bring the cannons so many dollarydoos - even if all they do is cause drama. Af least get rid of one of the damn Smash games…

But 7 games is better than 9 at least…

In other news: MvC has several key team members from classic sprite based Capcom fighting games working on it. And it’s 100% being made in house at Capcom. No outsourcing

First Capcom fighting game not outsourced in 15 years.

Sounds like it’s going to be their baby



maybe it’ll be good, here’s to that.

part of me wants it to be 3v3, this appears more of a marvel super heroes vs. capcom than your “typical” mahvel.
gems are a bad idea for competitive reasons, unless it’s just a universally balanced mechanic. it’s all too early to say really.



to be fair, every game last year had over 500 entrants

and yes i think one of xrd/blazblue is necessary to add flavor

i like ki because it’s a great spectator game even if you don’t play it, but i don’t expect it to return this year sadly

i think people have to be careful when discussing evo games, because “is game X at evo or not” is a huge factor in communities surviving, devs giving more money for future content, etc. if you strike a game off the evo list just because you want there to be fewer games, it impacts the underdog communities in the FGC a lot

i know that if evo next year was just sfv, tekken, injustice, melee and smash 4, i would have 0 interest in going personally.



i suppose the newest kof is 14 haha.
agree with what you say Ricky. They just need to scrap smash or make it a completely different event at a different time.

except for them smash moms. they can stay.



Okay… so even better than Injustice or MvC… is that a new Soul Calibur game is also coming. They’ve been teasing one on their Facebook for months now, but now a new website just went live. Comes with a 20th anniversary trailer hinting at the new game that gives me chills:

I dunno what it is, but Jesus himself must be returning in 2017. It sure as hell seems to be making up for 2016, the worst year in gaming since games became a thing ;). The first Evo Japan gonna be lit afffffff

What would make you consider going? I’m definitely going to go to both Vegas, and Japan if SCVI is a thing by then.



Sophitia’s armpit in that final shot, simply wonderful~ Watashi likes~



I really thought I’d wait for SF5 to get better before I dove in but it seems they truly are committed to it being absolute dog shit for the rest of its life.

Season 2 has ZERO returning characters? Yep, kiss my ass Capcom. You haven’t been able to make any good characters since 3.



with ya there, PJ, the no returning characters for season 2 is retaaaarded. where the fuck is Blanka and Honda? Sagat? Hello??? People at Capcom must be huffing glue - or perhaps a Millennial is running things.

Oh, and did you guys notice the front page of SRK - it’s a year behind lol.



I wouldn’t even care if the new characters were at least cool. But the 5 new characters that appear to line up with those silhouettes are the most generic looking garbage I can think of.

Old guy with stick - cammy with ninja gear to make weebs wet - and generic anime guy who looks like anyone from Death Note.

But with how short and unconfident they sounded during Capcom Cup about the future of SFV, it kinda seems like they’re just throwing it under the bus for MvC (which is also a big reason as to why it had such a shitty release in the first place). No fighting game release from the past decade has come close to being as bad as SFV.

Lol I was wondering what happened to their article about Soul Calibur.



Melee is reportedly releasing with the Switch’s Virtual Console.

Wonder if Nintendo will make Evo run it on the Switch lol

Edit: And Soul Calibur’s 20th anniversary is on the 20th of December so I imagine we’ll hear more then. Same day as SFV season 2 patch…



i dunno, i probably won’t be going to evo next year regardless. if ki was there i might think about it, but yeah, i dunno. i went to evo in 2016, and while i had a good time with friends, it was super huge and crowded and games that weren’t sfv were kinda given the runaround (even non-ki games i was interested in). i enjoyed mandalay bay finals but i dunno, if i go to a tournament in 2017 it might be combo breaker, something that is supposed to be more player-focused and less of a convention feeling.

no gamecube controller support, no buy for sure. i guess they can just adapt the wii u USB plug for the switch, but that sounds like a smart idea, so i think it’s off the table for nintendo