Calgary Thread 2016


just think, there wouldn’t be a need to haul around 500 CRT TV’s anymore.
that too would probably be too convenient for nintendo.

fucking smash, man



pr rog whiff punishing with 9 tap



what world is this



Anything interesting come from that stream? Didn’t get to see it.

Yooka Laylee comes April 11th.



Alright, you know what… fuck KI. Game is officially cancer.

Sorry Rickence. I’ve had enough of their antics. Every season just piled on the fuck-ups until it reached a breaking point.



What happened?



i have no idea but if you hate the game you shouldn’t play it



So they’re not announcing the release date of Tekken until January… which means it probably won’t be out until late March or April…

So that really sucks. I was pretty hype to screw around with it but it’ll probably be within weeks of Injustice 2. From a sales perspective in the West that seems like a thing Tekken shouldn’t want to compete with.

(Joke all you’d like about NRS fighting games but Injustice will sell like crazy where as TT2 sold nothing so it’s iffy if this one will without the problem of competing against another big FG)

And yes they do have a shared player base. Guy who got second at Evo is even a Tekken champ…



I won’t.

Sorry, I gave them a chance but instead of fixing their old mistakes they just kept adding new mistakes on top of them.



i have no idea what mistakes you’re referring to (i imagine it’s character aesthetic stuff) but do what you gotta do, play a game you like instead



Thanks Ricky you always know how to foster mild interest in starting a discussion and then immediately end the discussion in the same sentence



Injustice has had no reveals in like 6 months! Damn voice actor strike. Better not delay my fun…



i figured if you were interested in talking about the game’s mistakes, you would have volunteered that information yourself rather than just make some weird remark that no one can decipher

i’m also not too interested in trying to change your mind, since it sounds like your mind is made up and you just needed a place to vent, which is fine

dunno what you want from me, joshster. i’ve completely run out of steam trying to convince people to play games they haven’t tried/don’t like, so i’d prefer, if the game “is cancer” to you, that you should spend your time and energy playing a game you love



Bless you, Ricky.




In all honesty though, I just feel like the KI devs constantly made mistakes, and instead of trying to fix them they keep ignoring them while adding new ones. You can tell that the original vision that Double Helix had was lost a long time ago. When you switch devs partway through development this is inevitably what happens.

Just a few of my complaints with the game: the art style, music and story to the game are all garbage (with the exception of a handful of tracks, most of the soundtrack is generic epic score trash). There are too many characters that are either samey, useless and/or boring filler, but are nonetheless added just for the sake of having them. The methods of purchasing content are confusing and broken, and assign ridiculous values to what should be cheap or even free content (for example, Shadow Jago, for some reason, is not included in the entire package when you purchase all three seasons, costs $10 by himself, and trying to select him on the character select screen takes you to the store page which is really annoying when it happens by accident). There are multiple glaring issues with the GUI and menus (such as characters being invisible in the character select screen until you’ve selected them). Also, Kim Wu. Just… ugh. I don’t need to say anything else. Kim Wu is a total fucking atrocity.

And from what I’ve seen of the new content they’re adding in season 4, they’re now completely imaginatively bankrupt. They’re apparently making a character called “Kilgore” which is Fulgore with a machine gun on his arm (wonder whose kid came up with that idea?), wasted time and money consulting a real native american tribe for ideas on Thunder’s costume, which was completely pointless as the new costume looks almost exactly the same and the old one wasn’t in need of any changes.

It’s becoming clear to me that they are concerned with a lot of bullshit that doesn’t matter instead of fixing their stupid game, and I’ve totally lost my patience with them.



if you think the art style sucks, the music is crap, and there are lots of characters that are samey, useless, and boring, then yes i do believe ki is not the game for you

the game has flaws but those things will always be the same no matter what else they fix



I was willing to tolerate those things since they were gradually adding them and I hoped the music and characters would be better in the future, but as I said, the problems just kept piling up and I decided I’ve had enough

The community is absolutely terrible too (except you and your guide of course)



I mostly agree, tbh, which is why I can’t get into it as anymore than a casual thing with friends. That and I personally don’t enjoy the combo system.

(But the original games art style was still bad… Thunder looked like he was ported from another game… uncohesive style)

I would like to add that Kilgore is the most 90’s thing ever though, and therefor fits in perfectly with KI :wink:



The original games at least had an art style. Even if all the women looked like Paula Abdul you could still argue that it was a stylistic choice.

With the current game it just looks like they’re too incompetent to pull off an actual art style. All the art assets are totally generic, purely for function and nothing else. I just can’t get over how unbelievably shitty everything looks.



I know it wasn’t clear but by original game I meant original version of modern KI haha (Double Helix season 1)