Calgary Thread 2016


Oh, well yeah.



Season 1 was beautiful.
The season 2 and season 3 art work, animation and modeling is mediocre to very bad.
Omen and TJ Combo make me want to barf.
Mira looks nice though.
I like the new simplification of the combo system.
The game seems great in theory but I just can’t get into it.
I think it’s because it feels too spammy and it’s just not as nice to look at as other games.
I also don’t like that the announcers get far too hype for ultra combos.



Okay thanks guy I never heard of.



Jesus fucking christ I didn’t even notice the texture resolution on that Luchadore Tusk’s wrestling belt.

How the fuck does this get past them? Do they even have QA, or are they just relying entirely on their player base?



I blame Keits.



I just came here to get Josh’s opinion on Supergirl’s new face ;). Other than Harley it is definitely the best they’ve ever done a female character’s face lol. Wonder Woman still looks odd tho…

She sure looks better than Kim Wu!



God she looks awesome. NRS learns from their mistakes… even making one of the best netcodes ever after being garbage for so long. What a concept, Capcom.

She’s gonna be top tier though given NRS track record. Scorpion teleport in a back to block game that can also hit overhead and launch. Full screen combo starting projectile, insane zoning, one-third screen mid hitting neutral poke, air throw, string into command throw… unless her damage sucks. But that enhanced projectile does 20%. Doesn’t look like she has an air-dash like Superman, at least.



It’s like they hired on someone from the Naughty Dog team…



Well, it’s a definite improvement… not enough to get me to play the game but at least it’s not a total eyesore. I wonder how much it cost them to redo the models. Even at my tier of game dev, that shit isn’t cheap, let alone at the level they’re doing. Probably set them back a long way.

I don’t get the point of them naming their combos. That guy doesn’t shut up about them. “This combo is called Crossing the Desert! And this combo is called The Unblinking Eye! And this combo is called the Paddling of the Swollen Ass, with paddles!”

Just another NRS quirk I guess.



It’s a Soul Calibur thing as well. I have no idea where that tradition came from since ain’t nobody ever uses those names for strings in the history of ever ha. Guess it might make it seem a little more organized in command lists. Do they have names in Virtua Fighter and Tekken? I don’t even remember.

If only Capcom had the money behind them that WB does. NRS had to rebuild MKX code from the ground up to implement a new netcode, for what amounts to a beta test for Injustice 2. Can’t imagine how expensive that was. Maybe, with Marvel helping to produce, MvC will have that kind of support.

Did you guys see Nitsuma talked about characters that were axed from MvC3? RIP Kingpin and Juggernaut dreams :(.



I’m hoping that Juggs is back in MVCI.



Me too. One of my most wanted returning Marvel side characters other than Venom. Mostly I want to see any Spidey villain.

Juggs will likely be DLC if he does come. Since the guy who leaked MvCI in the first place said plans are already finished to include FF and X-Men characters as DLC.

I would bet money on Star Wars guests as well… (as gross as that is) since even the new Dead Rising game has Star Wars stuff now.



Jesus FUCKING CHRIST there better not be star wars bullshit in this game. If that happens I am going to be fucking furious.

Star Wars is the worst thing mankind has ever created.



Going to migrate to canada soon, will be in calgary most likely, is there a big sfv scene over there?



Hey man. No, there is not a big sf5 scene here but I host a weekly every Wednesday at either my brothers place or the bar I work at. Usually it’s me and two other guys with a random thrown in now and then. I think I may be basically the only dedicated player who actually likes the game.

I plan on travelling to intn’l tournaments this year. Wanna do everything I can to represent Canada and YYC.

Anyway, our scene is small but myself and Kaymin91 both stream and play a lot. Add me on Facebook - Jamie Templeton - and when you get down here let me know and you are more than welcome to join us at one of the gatherings ^____^



Also, play Injustice 2 when it comes :wink:



Thanks jozhear, sorry to hear there is a small community for sf5, i am from manila philippines, we have weekly casuals of 16-30 people every friday here and have tournaments every month for like 60 people…
Me and my wife will be migrating to canada soon, (end of january) i really love playibg sf5 and is relearning for season 2, hope i can join u guys soon but first i gotta settle in and hopefully land a job fast so i can play the game i love sf5 with you guys!



Also I’m working on a fighting game called GigaMaidens and it’s about giant anime women fighting each other. Keep an eye out for it in 2017 and buy ten copies when it comes out. Thanks in advance



Are any other fighting games popular in the Phillipines?

Calgary probably has more Smash and Xrd players tbh. And Injustice 2 will have like 10 of us for the first month anyway lol



Marvel was kinda popular a few years back, injustice and mk has like 10 players each guilty gear, blazblue anime games like 20 people, smash mostly younger generation i think around 30 people, kof 20 people, tekken is very popular in the philippines but sf has like the most number of turnouts during tournaments with like 60-70 people, weekly casuals has like 20-40 players each week…