Calgary Thread 2017


I gotta spooge for a bit over how cool the combo system is in I2. Past NRS games haven’t given you much reason to go beyond the standard 1 mid screen and 1 corner combo that you end in either damage or reset/restand. The addition of air tech adds sooo much.

I didn’t think air tech would be such a cool addition before I played. You can tech out of juggles like Skullgirls or BB. If the enemy knows you’re gonna tech they can punish you if they guess the direction.

Or you can just keep the combos grounded and short and do less damage but they can’t tech.

Most characters highest damage combos include a wall bounce, but you might not want to bounce them off the wall on the other side of the screen because if they tech out way over there you can’t punish them for it. But wallbounces are unclashable on the opponents second life bar so you’re gonna want to use them…

Plus gotta change your combos up depending on stage positioning, not just because of the corner but all interactables. And where Swamp Thing walks he leaves a garden where the opponent can’t jump or dash if they’re in it, so you’ll want to sacrifice damage in your combos to swap sides with the opponent.

Gotta think so much about which combo to use depending on a lot of situations.




Play Shadowverse, Derryk.

It’s like Hearthstone but all the terrible RNG stuff is gone.



haven’t played HS since my warrior pirate deck won 8.5/10 by playing any card in hand and attacking nothing but face lol.
once the new expansion drops I’ll probably give it another go. that game looks way too animu 5 me.

i tells ya though, the dark ages have allowed me to play a ton of games i missed out on while locked into fighting games.
far cry’s, boderland’s, grand theft auto 5, conan exiles, x-com’s… shit’s aight mang!



It’s definitely an amazing year for games and non-sf FG fans. Like… best in memory. Probably since like 1998.

RE7 is now easily in my top 10 games of all time.

But now I’m addicted to Shadowverse. Legit the best TCG I’ve ever played. (But if you care about card art I understand how it’s not for everyone)

But it’s the most well done f2p model I have ever seen. At no point do I feel like I have to spend real money. I played for a day and now have the toppest top tier deck my faction can make without spending a dime. It’s everything I had a problem with in Hearthstone fixed.

I was dying for a competitive fix while waiting for I2, and I found it (fuck team games)



Rivals of Aether is out of Early Access and has officially launched. It’s incredibly fun. If you like Smash you should give this one a look.



Marvel Freeroll at UC tomorrow, I’m putting in $2 for every entrant.

Winner takes all.

Thurs Mar 30



Ahhhhh, my main Captain Cold looks even cooler than I could have hoped. Ahhhh!!

And Robert Englund (THE Freddy Krueger) voicing Scarecrow is money.




am i supposed to feel bad if i’ve never heard of “captain cold”

i mean, i’m not up to date with comics and stuff but i kinda feel like… that’s not a well known name



He’s legit my favourite villain.

But a big part of his charm and uniqueness in the comics comes from how “lame” he is and he’s portrayed that way in the comics and cartoons as well haha. He’s Flash’s main villain but I wouldn’t say arch villain, because they have a working relationship and partner up as much as they fight. Cold and his rogues even have a “no kill” rule like Batman ;).

They seem to have captured his personality perfect here. Blue collar showboat and went full on and embraced the goofiness. I’m so happy. Like… so happy that I wish all people could experience my happiness. Witnessing their favourite comic character brought to life in their favourite hobby medium. Certainly never thought I’d see CC in an FG.

He’s a fairly big name now though because he’s a lead character in a few of the live action CW shows, played by the Prison Break guy. (The Rogues will also be the villains in The Flash movie)



Looks like he has the exact same personality as the rest of the cast.

Every time a new Injustice character is revealed you spin the roulette. It’s always one of four possible choices:

-A big guy who talks “brutally”
-A super serious guy who talks all grimdark and focused
-A snarky, cocky douchebag
-A girl who hates men and thinks they’re all inferior



This looks awesome and I wish it was real. It’s just an April Fool’s prank by Arika but it looks miles better than every fighting game that’s out or coming out.



nah it looks like that EX game is real, there was a stream and they invited kazunoko to play it along with other dudes



Yeah it’s a playable build. They wouldn’t put together something that expensive as merely an April fools. Must be at least a tech demo and to gauge interest.

Virtual On is also coming back, and Eternal Champions maybe.

Long live the 90’s.



so is amin the only guy in calgary who plays SFV?
i mean from the last generation.

asking for a friend… who may or may not be playing season 2… fml…



And even based Amin says it sucks lol.

The important thing is, three character break downs on stream Wednesday and one of them is Captain Cold eeeeeeeEeEEEEeeeeEeeeeeeeeeEEEEEE!

My years of worshipping at the altar of his booniness has paid off at last. After months of testing my faith as if I was Job himself.



MARVEL AT HIS GLORY. Traps: The Character



Superhero movie of the year



What, that dude is just that ice chick from overwatch



To be fair, the ice chick from Overwatch was ripping off Captain Cold (even on these forums, the day she was announced, I said they added Captain Cold to Overwatch haha). But yeah, he has literally all of Mei’s move-set, plus Mega Man’s ice platforms. Not even trying to hide it ;).

2 types of walls - 1 is projectile invincible and he can kick it at you, and the others are discount Aganos walls that can be shattered but placed anywhere and can have multiple walls on the screen at once.



you’re both wrong, it’s sub zero with a gun