Calgary Thread 2017


Lame. No big surprises.

Where’s Juggernaut?



Yeah, I actually have another big indie composer lined up to do music for it. He’s working on a kinda big game coming out soon so I’m glad I snatched him before his prices shot up.



these are some dope ass tracks josh…



Thanks Derryk :slight_smile:



Wow… this is like shitty mobile game quality…
Plus it comes out in September?? I have a feeling the game won’t feel complete.



Oh god, it looks just like Injustice. Ugh.

And Sigma is a pre-order DLC? For fucks sake. Why can’t they ever release a game complete?



Maybe if Injustice 2 had 1/5th the polygons and budget ;).

And couldn’t afford voice actors so they get the janitor from the office to record some lines.

Some of the gameplay pics look even worse.

Maybe the gameplay in motion won’t look too bad. Story mode was clearly outsourced to get it done in time so they could compete with NRS for casual sales.



I imagine the Marvel voice actors are all from the various cartoons and stuff. Capcom has always hired campy/shitty voice actors for their characters, I think they do it on purpose.

I’m sorry for shitting on Injustice but I just fucking hate the way that game looks and Capcom is trying their best to imitate it. It’s an abomination.



I feel you. I was very much looking forward to this game. I thought for sure we were in for a surprise after not seeing the game for half a year. But it somehow looks worse.

And the animations in that trailer? Especially when Hulk is supposed to be “roaring”. It looks like something from 50’s Gumby.

My heart breaks :(.

And it looks like Chris had his soul stolen by a warlock. Those dead fish eyes…



That’s because they’re using 1:1 mocap for all the characters with barely any post-recording fixes. These idiots don’t realize that you still need to spend a lot of time touching up the animations afterwards to make them look good, you can’t just leave them as they are.

The way X looks in that scene with Rocket is particularly awful. His huge anime face doesn’t move at all, just his eyelids droop a little. His irises don’t even shift around to meet Rocket, making it look like a guy wearing a plastic mask.



It begins.



And apparently there’s auto-combos like that shitty persona FG had too :(.



never forghetti
mvc3 had a shelf life of less than a year, folks.

chances of it being a “complete” game is super slim, especially now that the entire industry is flooded with beta’s etc.



Well it’s not a looker, but the gameplay sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun in MvCI. Lots of stuff to screw around with in training mode. 2P2K, Tag and Stone buttons. And the recycled stuff gives me a feeling most characters will probably come back eventually, and I would love me some Nemesis again. Also Shocker plz.

The killer though is that it’s the same netcode as SFV :’(. Except instead of using their own shitty servers they’ll be using Sony’s and Microsoft’s. Hopefully that helps…



Sounds familiar

Calling it again.
It doesn’t matter how good the game will be.
The FGC is going to hate the new MvC.



Have you ever considered that people hate these games because they’re NOT good

Just a thought



“People don’t like it when I dumb down the game for casuals, release games unfinished and announce highly requested characters as day one DLC five months before the game is out. Am I so out of touch?”

“No… it’s the FGC who’s wrong.”



I sympathize with the developers…
It’s not possible to make a game that will satisfy the hype, nostalgia, mental garbage etc…
People think they deserve the perfect game, but they don’t.

…Actually I don’t sympathize with the developers because they’re going to make a killing on the opening sales.

It’ll be the same for FF7
Also calling it for the FF7 remake.
No one is going to like it, but the opening sales will be colossal.

They should probably just make some fancy flashy opening videos and gameplay but have no depth.
Release the game then retire in Hawaii.
Or just keep the game in eternal paid beta like star citizen.



You’re not supposed to.

Your only job as a developer is to make a good game. To do that you need to have standards of what a good game is, which you can apply to your own work.

If you’re making a game and don’t even have any idea of what constitutes a good game, you have no business making them. What makes you think anyone else will think it’s good if you don’t even know what makes a good game in the first place? This is why their games suck, because the suits who have no idea what good games are and just want to make money are the ones making the important decisions.



hopefully mvci will be good, but “uses same netcode as sfv” and “announces season pass before we know more than 10 characters in the launch roster” aren’t good starts to that imo

i think gameplay looks like it has promise, at least