Calgary Thread 2017


Why don’t you play Rivals of Aether rickylence



i have, it’s good



I like it a lot

Gonna talk with Dan Fornace about putting some RoA cameos in GigaMaidens



Perhaps I should pick up RoA. I am a big fan of beetle-mania monsters.

I need something to cleanse the salt of having TWO MK characters at minimum in my I2 DLC :’(

Sub-Zero, Starfire, and Jason Todd. Then in the 6 silhouettes they made Black Manta and smelly Raiden obvious.



Wake me when they announce a cool guest character, like Marshal “Moo” Montana from Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa



We gonna be hanging at Dickens on the 21st for anyone that wants to come. Playing i2 and streaming Toryuken, and drinking 'course. It’s a long weekend baybeeee

And anyone who wants to come down with SFV (shudder)/GG/RoA etc should too!



Sucks I’m missing that, but I’ll be at toryuken so better have couple beers for me.

I’ll be gone launch week but once I’m back I’m down to meet up weekly/biweekly to get something going.

Sub zero being in is also ass. I’m calling clone is his trait haha.



Hahaha I was thinking exactly that. Clone is gonna need a rework from MK… otherwise he’ll 10-0 Bane ;).

I was kinda thinking trait might be ice armour, which he could use as a kind of resource. One option could be expending the armour to give him a clone. At least then he wouldn’t be spamming them.



I think clone would be a top tool in an igau game. Shit would be crazy.

I’m actually diving into swamp thing first. Spend some time the last few weeks looking at his breakdown/belt matches and he’s got some pretty crazy stuff. I’m gonna have bane as my secondary, since I still have the legacy feel with him and take it from there.



Plus. It’s swamp thing. Coolness factor is definitely there haha



I think that’s a wise choice. The amount of self-healing Swamp Thing can do seems absolutely nutters.

I’ll probably be doing the same but I think Bane is actually gonna have a real hard time this go-around… like… what’s he going to do against Firestorm?



So apparently that new character Ed in SF5 has none of those scary fiendish “inputs” that you have to be a 6 time Evo champion to do even once.

The only thing that requines an input is his super, all his other special moves are doable as command normals. He is in essence a fantasy strike character. Yeah Capcom, dumbing down the game will get more people to play it. Not improving anything about it like the netcode or the gameplay.



Welcome to MvCI Beta: the character :wink:



i don’t think making a character based on command normals/button releases is inherently wrong, it’s an odd choice but it’s not immediately the death of execution as we know it

sfv already has virtually no execution so that decision was made long before ed was released, but even in a game with lots of execution, it’s possible to make a character like this i think



The problem is, execution serves a purpose in the meta. There should be a chance that the player should be able to flub their inputs. Simple inputs for special moves drastically reduce the chances of that happening.

If Ed ends up being a strong rushdown character and gets even mid tier or higher, this game’s meta is as good as dead.



eh, nobody really ever flubs simple quarter circles in neutral. dp motions yes, but almost never quarter circles. mid-combo there is more chance of flubbing, but combos are easy enough in sfv already, whether you use complicated motions or not

if you’re talking about reaction time, then that is more of a concern than flubbing inputs, but a smart designer could account for that if they really wanted an ed-like character



Smart designer. Capcom.

Pick one.



i am talking about the general idea of using ed-like motions in a game, and how it is not automatically a bad idea if done well. i am not making any statement about how well capcom will do it



It can work if the game is designed around it but with this it just seems like they’re throwing a lit match into a dynamite storage container. The game’s meta is already strained and they’re throwing in a character who has the advantage of not having inputs over characters that do have them. If he ends up being mid tier or higher then it’ll be a disaster.

Which is good because I want SF5 to die already.



i mean, is any mid tier character ever a “disaster” for any fighting game?

also, if sf5 dies the fgc as a whole suffers a lot, it has been proven time and time again that there is no fgc without street fighter, many many players simply do not play or care about other games