Calgary Thread 2017


Main issue: Depends how good his AA is. Without a motion it’s ez to auto-correct and stop cross-up attempts.

But auto-correcting your DP in SF4 wasn’t hard either so meh…

SO MUCH CONTENT. And there’s a pro-circuit now. Every tourney between now and the finals has a 20k pot bonus minimum. Pretty nuts.



Good. I hope this happens. The FGC can have a small community of dedicated and passionate fighting game players over a large community of stupid hyperconsumer Street Fighter babbies with no standards who gush over the most mediocre game in the genre simply because it has the most merchandise. This is what the FGC needs.

Street Fighter has sucked absolute ass since vanilla SF4, all passion and creativity has been forcefully removed from the series by Ono, and now it just exists as a nostalgia-fueled vehicle to sell joysticks, monitors and energy drinks to people who don’t know any better.



the good ol’ FG dark ages, when the genre was booming with creative and passionate titles, and maybe you knew one other person who played



Implying that this isn’t an FG dark age where the only game people apparently flock over is a rushed, incomplete mess. Oh wait, that’s not happening either. SF5 sold horribly and is probably going to go free to play after Evo.

Even if you don’t care for the big budget games there are lots of indie devs like me making fighting games now you know. You have options now, you don’t have to eat bread crumbs anymore.



Attempted getting an early copy of IGAU2. Not exactly a success lol



Me as well :(… let me know if anything comes up haha

Lousy Ontario kids…



Where did you try? I attempted bribing walmart employees lmao. Game trader was a no go as well (no bribery there)



VGT. They sounded snippy so I could tell they’d already been bothered about it a few times that day :wink:



Lol I didn’t call till a bit after 8 so maybe some people are already ahead of us.



This 20 second arcade ladder ending for Cold actually makes me tear up with how well they nailed my favourite villain. Game is a love letter to DC fans.

Flash has best rogues gallery. And C. Thomas Howell has such a great voice.

edit: I learned to time-stamp. I’m very clever ;).



Dear god.

You can play as your OC in Sonic Forces.

Pandora’s Box has been opened. There is no going back now.

No regrets, Sonic.



how are classic sonic and modern sonic not the same sonic?
i’m so confused…

injewstice is pretty neat andrew, i picked it up yesterday.
it’s absolutely screaming for a PC launch though… shoutouts to potato station for random sound fuck ups and an awful frame rate :frowning:



Classic Sonic is just the name given to Sonic before his Dreamcast-era redesign.

When they redesigned him for Sonic Adventure they gave him longer arms and legs, green irises around his pupils, and weird gold buckles on his shoes.



Unless you’re asking “how are they different in the story”, in which case, they’re not. It’s just some time travel shit where Sonic’s younger self gets pulled out of the past into the future.



Game actually looks and performs way better on PS4 Pro. I’m glad I bought one just for this game haha. Who you think you’ll main? We’ll be at Dickens Sunday if you’re in Calgs.

Rumour is PC version will be around the end of summer :(.



Getting a lot of cap cold experience this week lol, how you liking him?



Well… he’s forcing me to learn Injustice lol. Which I sure never had to do with Bane. Won’t be winning anything any time soon haha.

I’m surprised. There’s barely any footage of him, and I’ve never ran into one online in hundreds of games. Not one haha. You’ll have to give me their secrets! Nothing at NLBC or WNF and want as much high level Cold play as possible. He’s too perfect to give up on!

His neutral is meh (and the one normal he has for it has a gap), and he doesn’t give the opponent much reason to come to him… and he has no throw range but he’s sooo much fun. And his vortex is SSS tier. Just gotta learn every match in depth and get the muscle memory down.

Are you using Swampy this weekend or riding the Bane-train? What do you think of him?

When I see Deadshot I just switch to Supergirl at character select haha. I really wish the gear abilities were in tournament mode, and they just let you pick 2 of them, like you would a variation in MKX or assists in a marvel game. Then this deadshot business wouldn’t be such a big deal.

I am also hoping Starfire is a grappler with air mobility ;). Cold jumps with just a prayer every time…



I’m in town indefinitely now Andrew!
Dunno if i’ll go to Dickens on Sunday though.
Maining Harley Quinn, she’s fun.
End of Summer isn’t bad. Hopefully it has a better launch than MKX did lol



A guy in mtl plays cold so I’ve learned a couple things I can show you haha. Been playing almost 100% swamp which has been pretty rough. Dead shot may be the most nonsense match up I’ve ever played lol. Kinda struggles against high pressure as well. Gonna take a long time to figure out.



That feel when your pool was fine then you get thrown in with everyone you’ve played the last week straight



Then you should know the match ups ;). Good luck tomorrow. People sleeping on Swampy. Mid tier worst when the game advances ( and deadshot becomes dust

This game makes me so happy. But it would make me much happier if my Cold could air dash and make ice platforms to teabag from :wink: