Calgary Thread 2017

They must have only given out codes to those who complained enough haha.
Or maybe they just based it on how much you played the last game.

How long is the beta going on for?
I’ve been playing Conan Exiles. It just came out on Monday night. It’s early access - and full of bugs (mostly Lag, lol). But it seems like it’s going to be a pretty kick ass game.

You could build a city if you wanted. Politics is quite interesting as is the interaction with other players. From the safety of my fort I saw some guys dragging some victims they had knocked out by rope back to their base. I asked them what they were doing and they said they had caught these guys and are going to make them mine materials for them lol.

Too many wangs in that game for me ;).

The beta goes for at least a month. (So probably longer). Gorilla Grodd is coming to beta today. I’m so happy. Finally a grappler.

And the roster leak is 8 for 8 now… silly people who doubted it.

Edit: rofl. Nevermind. Boon’s hint at the character getting added to beta today was a picture of The Beatles, not The Monkeys like I originally thought… the heart sees what it wants…

Blue Beetle added today I guess :frowning:

Sonya x Cammy x Sindel. Excited to see what her unique mechanics are anywho.

And the website is updated with pics of Poison Ivy, Bane and Brainiac.

Jesus Christ it’s another Buffy clone.

Why do western devs always have to make their girl characters into “badass snarky martial arts chick with attitude teehee”.

Female fighters have more than one type of personality you know. Not all of them are “liberated stronk womyns” out to prove they can “tussle with the big boys”. Senran Kagura gets a lot of flak for being a game about anime titty ninjas yet each girl in those games have way more distinct and interesting personalities than anything I’ve seen from western devs

because gender equality, josh

whens marvel gigababes desu anyway

I don’t really get a Buffy vibe from her (Supergirl for sure). She seems like Black Canary to me, but she only has 2 lines of dialogue here and they match the character (and those 2 lines aren’t particularly snarky). Black Canary was around before Buffy and has always been Batman’s equal in martial arts (she’s top 5 fighters in all of DC along with Deathstroke)… and she’s basically the matron in a lot of stories… trains the teens etc. So if anything it’s western comic’s more than NRS making her that way. One reason I prefer DC to Marvel is their female characters are a lot more strength and martial skill based than Marvel’s (who basically have just… She Hulk and Captain Marvel… the rest do “girly” things, like be psychic, become invisible and walk through walls or make force fields)

If nothing else, NRS has come quite a ways with their female faces lol. Huzzah.

Blue Beetle is in the beta now. He’s crazy. Has a 6 way air dash (can’t go diagonal down), and all sorts of flight cancel shenanigans, and stupidly good normals. Like… I don’t know how you’re supposed to deal with those normals, normals. Trend continues: all characters are crazy strong so far.

Bane, now powered by NVidia

Yeah, that costume sucks. But luckily, there’s oodles upon oodles of free costumes for every character with gear.

Instead of in like… SFV… where they charge you 10 dollars to get one classic costume for Akuma so you can make him look less shitty :wink:

So stiff and shitty looking. Starting to agree the graphics seem worse than the first one when you’re fighting. Up close seems decent.

Still looks better than SFV Alex :wink:

Even tho that’s 10000% true and Alex is the most hideous thing man was ever wrought…yeah. I agree with you guys. The game isn’t as pretty as it should be. Which is really weird because I think MKX looks great for an NRS game.

Also weird because anyone talking about the game, like Maximillian is like “the graphics for this game are insane”, and that’s what comment boards on major media etc are filled with.

So I guess plebs like it and that’s what sells.

What matters to me though is the mechanical designs of the characters and the gameplay, which are insaaanely fun.

Maybe if they put this much effort into fixing their terrible faces this time, next game they can put the same effort into fixing animations… maybe

Every time I see that Canary lady I keep thinkimg it’s Amy Schumer

And it makes me cringe

Razer Panthera is a really good stick, guyz

i’m hoping they change the UI for the health bars and stuff, popping up a damage number accurate to 2 decimal places in bright yellow under an ugly red health bar is maybe the worst in-game UI i’ve seen for a modern fighting game

it seems like a weird thing to not have finalized by the first beta, though, so it’s possible it won’t change. the original health bars for inj1 looked way better

I notice they don’t display character names on the health bars in online matches, which is annoying. How is an outside spectator supposed to tell who’s who?

Also makes no sense.

MKX has that incredible and minimalist UI… and then there’s this?

I mean, this is the first NRS game where characters have different health values from one another so I get that they can’t use percentages anymore, but ain’t no body knows what those decimals mean in the middle of a fight.

They have said the beta is an old build of the game… so who knows.

Edit: wow. There’s already another character reveal on Tuesday. The launch roster must be around 40 characters mmmm. And then DLC will put the roster about as big as UMvC or SFxT. So it’ll be interesting, to say the least, to see how the balance works out :wink: (But the balance in the beta is excellent so far, but it is only 5 characters…

Well except Blue Beetle who gets str8 rekt by Superman. He has the same issue as Wesker where he can’t deal with the opposing top corner of the screen)

Deadshot’s zoning looks like sooo much fun. Best part will be all the hate-mail he gets me. Definitely gonna play him as a secondary. (this isn’t good gameplay footage or anything but get to see some of the moves)

And another character coming to beta wuu

those chicks sure do like to say “come” alot
also, supergirl still looks like chucky haha


The Beta is an old build of the game, before they fixed her face and all that,

just can’t unsee.