Calgary thread- Lets get better

I have come to the conclusion that calgary is the laughing stock of the canadian cities. Vancover is getting respect, Edmonton is respect, T-dot is getting respect, fuck even winipeg is getting some respect. every city but this city is starting to get respect. and why is that? we got good players, thats not the problem, i think our problem is that we jsut dont get enough big game action. so i think we should kick start our scene with a tournement. and instead of going big and inviting all the cities, i say we try to make a tourney were 99% of the players live in this city, that way we can kfind out whos best in the city and who needs to get better. now i dont know how to orginze a tourney, but i bet someone in this town could do it. so thats whats going on in my mind, i want to play at a more competive level and i think some others want to as well. and we can play it in all the games 3s, mvc2,cvs2…fuck ggxx if thats what people really want. even if we have to play soul calibur 2 ill start playing that again.

but to say the least lets try to keep this fourm going, lets not just post when we’re going to play but also when we want tourneys. and for god sakes lets start flaming some people. wether its our own people or people from other places, lets shake things up abit…now i jsut woke up and im going to go get some food. someone reply to this.

wong out.


i’m surprised that you guys didn’t come out for NWR. but yeah, it’d be real sweet to be seeing you guys in future tourneys and such.

if you guys are up for it, we’re gonna be having some 3rdStrike and CvS2 flings soon. my buddies from Seattle are gonna be coming up for that, so it’d be more fun if you guys can come. there’s no specific date yet, but i’ll be sure to let you guys know.

:rolleyes: i don’t even know who the hell obi-wong is… :lol:

I’m the best in the city. :smiley:

You need to get better. :smiley:

hahaha, owned!

Byron is good… and Ray is “too easy”

Re: Re: Calgary thread- Lets get better

listen… i may be easy… but when you’re eating pan bread and grease dripping down ur shirt making it see through… remember…

joe owns you:lol:

anyways… i’ve been seriously playing cvs2 more so than marvel… i’m actually using half decent characters, sooo maybe next tourney i’ll make my appearance on the cvs2 scene and maybe be as good as byron…:confused: maybe… :sweat:

Ray is hulking up. :smiley:

Fritz is going down… in grease. Easy operation. :stuck_out_tongue:

What “real” characters are you using now Ray?? I’m using Haohmaru. :smiley:

lol next tourney i’ll whip it all out for all to see:eek:

:lol: :lol:

actually, after april, are u up for a couple of games… i need to actually play a person… lol. all i play is the computer, and it’s good to practice execution, but not for gameplay…

welp ill come to any tourney playing anygame except marvel…takes too much detication to learn marvel when im playing so much else :wink:

I’ll play anyone in Smash Bros Melee :smiley: :smiley:

probably the best fighting game I’m good at

Byron: I want my money/grudge match against you in every game. I want to steal your best in Calgary crown from you.

i want a grudge/money/panbread match with fritz… to take the crown of best in alberta:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

the funny thing is i’m serious…:evil:

Oh hells no!

Anyways, I have exams up till the 23rd, but anytime after that, I’d be willing to drive down to Calgary to get my game on.

PS. Rick Yune STILL can’t handle Stridoom.


Aren’t I leading 6-2???

You should play Ray. He’s gonna take out all of Edmonton starting with you.

:cool: if you choose the wrong groove… you just might lose…:eek:

Anyone free to play @ the Cove on Monday? I’ll be there to pick my G/F up and play some games. I’ll be there from noonish to whenever.

And this means YOU Ray.

can i go to this tournament of champions?

i’ll gladly take away mvc2 and third strike from you guys hehehe

and even cvs2!!! if there’s no edmontonians there

and then afterwards, i’ll cream you guys in arm wrestling


oh yeah, wtf’s up with ray’s avatar?

i bet he got flamed too much of his rick yune lookin pick where he thinks he’s handsome

haha jk ray, you’re hot

too bad you’re still a virgin!

dizzam u got :cool: wned!! LOL

hahaha too bad tao lost his virginity to a 13 year old white girl… when he was 17.

jokin tao

sorry trung, i’m on internship and i work downtown…i work everyday…:bluu: facuk… next time buddy

LOL :lol: shiet… too good…:lol: :lol:

when u come to calgary, we’re gonna go out to the clubs and have a “who fucks the most girls in one night competition”

rules are:

  1. one girl counts as 1 point
  2. two girls at once counts as 3 points
  3. girls that are 18 - 1 bonus point
  4. fat/ugly /desperate girls - minus .5 point
  5. girls under 18 and over 16 - +2 bonus points
  6. girls under 16 - 0 points… FUCK THAT SHIT TAO… if you go fucking girls under 16, you got problems, and you DON’T get points for that… all you get the pleasure of a hairless pussy… that should be reward enough…:lol:

winner fucks your mom:D

lol ray we all know you’re not a virgin hahaha

or at least that’s what you told me hahaha

anyways, lol dood, it shows how little you know of WOMEN

girls that are 15 and have no pubes??? lol you’re stupid

hahaha girls hit puberty a good 2 years before guys… meaning… you musta had your pubes grow in when you were 15 or something or fucking 17 lol you underdeveloped fuck

i got pubes like at 11

girls get them around 9

fact of life bioch

that’s why they stop growing at like 16 and men stop growing at 18ish

and no man, publeless girls are GROSS

get there AFTER the hair, that’s what i go by lol

(by after i mean… RIGHT after hahaha jk jk jk)

just remember i’m still 18

so getting with a 15 year old girl is still bomb hahaha

but yeah, i got a girlfriend right now who’s READING this shit so yeah… “officially”, i’ll have to decline this challenge :evil:

anyways, lol ray you are ownage and beat fritz at cvs2 even though he ended up being a nice guy lol

ray, how old are you?

giving props to scoring with a 16 year old? hahahahaha

old man, get your walking stick cuz i’ma fucking walk you to school!!!

edit: anyways, that AFTER the hair joke was made by my girlfriend cuz that bitch knows what turns me on lololol

and yeah, i’m prolly goin more for like… after she gets her period or something… cuz yeah, 9 year old girls? fuck that… bitches start havin babies at around 14 and that’s prime meat right there

not at 9 cuz they look like little boys with long hair… and all jokes aside, little boys are gross ewww