i’ve noticed that every where/place has there own fucking thread! why not us scrubby calgarians?! so here it is…calgary players ~PoSt HeRE~ >_< life is a bitch…for sum reason i think there will be flaming going on and no one will be posting in here haha…well n e who…calgary players post here!! hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

we always pritty much posted in the alberta thread hehe but now its the “edmonton” thread…guess the dont want us

if u ever find my lil yellow plug thingy lemme know…its not important but would be cool to have :slight_smile:

uhh…trash talking…i own everyone in marvel but i dont accept challenges because im like uhh…too good for them

i hear regent doesn’t have a penis and gets owned by random white guys that play marvel

I hear Leo and Ray don’t know how to beat Stridoom. How convenient.

i may be white…but i am definatly not random!

I wanna play for $$$$$$$$$$$.

3/5 winner wins 20$


Dont expect a reply in the calgary thread, if you havent noticed, Calgary eats, sleeps and breathes both Marvel and pan bread.

Post in edmonton, Mai might challenge you.

Wow, a Calgary thread. I’m sure I’ll have more to say later…

hmm that’s kinda funny seeing that i think that some guy named X will be training fritz ass on how to inhale panbread by the loaf… use that pan bread you brought back to etown wisely mike… cause if you choose the wrong groove, you just might …


btw: strider/doom is gayer than vong and calvin in a closet naked both trying hard to pick up a dime with the door locked…:eek: :lol: as inconvient as it may be… it’d be fun to be on the other side of the door pushing the dime under the closet door laughing my ass off…:lol:

cow town mooooooooooooooooo

fuck u ray!

Ray…for sure u are eating those pan breads!!! i knoi it hahahahahahahaha…[vong will come along and “back u up”]hahaha

fuck u ray!


:lol: only ass he wants to back up is byrons…:lol:

hi everyone

well its nice to talk to everyone


:confused: Gross. hahaha

this aint right guys…im cool with everyone here but with all due respect i dont think vong deserves this

hes a good guy and to my knowledge i dont think hes done anything to deserve such hate…correct me if im wrong. in the begining i understand he coulda came off as a little cocky…but i think we all know by now he aint like that

i dont wanna fight with nobody or make enemies here and i respect you all …vongs just a good friend and i think this is kinda wrong

and to transmetel…man i want my DC pad back lol

and post more often damnit

vong…everyones just kidding around…no hating…haha…well at least i think everyone is…no hate towards u…just that there are things said about u that are hella funny…no names pointed out…
btw…gOoooOooo CALGARY!!

Who says i’m kidding around?



btw calvin… wtf is a fagger? is it someone thats a fag, but faggier? regent like?