Calgary Tourney December 18th

multiple choice…
Things that could possibly happen
a. you lose all confidence
b. you finally realize that i don’t use joe anymore
c. i win
d. you lose
e. all of the above

=] hope to see you buddy, i haven’t seen you in ages

I think johnson is coming. but gene has to work…etc…

i can pick u up if u come…

That’ll be great man. What time?

Ray: If I can’t beat you, then I’m offically the Matt of Calgary.

Yes!, This Saturday (Oct30th) in the cove, starting at 5pm to closing(1am). Free play mode on mvc2, cvs2, sf3s, ggxx, and neowave king of fighters. Entry fee:$10. Come at anytime, and you have re-entry privilege.

i’ll be there around 5 or something…not sure about johnson…maybe he’ll post something…

Sorry Long, I mean when you’ll be here to pick me up? 5ish?

When are you going to be there Johnson?

ill goo…! i wanna play neowave!

Im down…enough said…is tao gonna come?

I’ll head down, dont know what time I’ll make it thou. (some time after dinner)

Put DDR on free play and my girl friend will drag me there!

JOhnson and I will head down there tonight. i’ll be tehre around 5:30. trung: i’ll pick u up around 4:30…

hope to see y’all there tonight on 3s.

Much love to the 3s players today. Trung, you owe me a win. such a bastard. Tini, your ibuki’s fearless. good matches. i can’t handle ibuki’s rush. big thumbup. ian, taunt after you win, u know what i mean? that was the funniest match ever.

johnson, you bastard. got 10 wins on ggxx while me and trung were occupied…haha, such a loser.

grat games y’all. i’ll be there at the dec. tourney for 3s. now, back to invinsible.

that was fun :slight_smile: havent played competative KOF in years! that was kewl ass
…neowave is a bit odd and too much like 2002 …but ive read that a million times already so is no suprise

everything was fun…time to sleep

It was a great success because everyone at the cove last night were enjoying themselves. I know for sure that we can do it again whenever you guys want to. Thank you everyone for showing up and making it a great time. :party:

It was very intense with the win back your entry fee rule, and people played very competitively and improved quite a bit.

fuck… fuck fuck… i hate marvel… i hate marvel i hate marvel… it’s so random… hahahhhaha…

doom unblockable w/ tron bonne assist >>> mag/storm/psylocke
mikez > mag storm psy
byrons strider/doom > mag/storm/psy
garretts shuma > bh/cyc/mag
people’s rc’s > ray jd’s
ray’s crossover level 3 blanka super > trung =]
tini’s ibuki >> ray’s chunli

all in all… marvel sucks… everyone switch to cvs2, so i can have some scrubs to beat on… it SUCKS being the one beat on in cvs2… seriously… it does suck to lose… turtling >>>> rushdown

good games garret, trung, ian, arnie, dude who uses mega man, eric, byron, byron t.o., uhh, whoelse?,

basically, everyone that can beat me senseless @ cvs2… good games.
imo… i feel that i should beable to recieve more of my entry fee back if i pass the 10 win mark… ie. if i get 20 i should get 20 bucks back… i feel very strongly about this… i get ripped off for marvel… but then again, i cash in big time for cvs2… god that game is hard, all the top tier players lose to me because they let me get away w/ stupid shit. lol and then they lose… FUCK YOU ALL… I WILL HAVE YOU TRY YOUR 110% AGAINST ME!!! (god knows if u stepped on the marvel… i’d go ape shit on you)

please note… that i DID not wake up early, but after a successful night of getting stupid slut ass whores that dress like britney spears because it’s “their costume”, and losing a LOT of poker money to my friends… i’m calling it a day. good nite and peace out.

getting ass > marvel
getting ass > cvs2
getting ass = priceless :clap:

Has GGX2 been confirmed yet?

Is GGX2 going to be one of the tourney games? Has that been decided yet or is it going to be decided on the day of the tourney?

Ray = Calgary Ben

Lol… i’m coming to this tourney.



that is all… carry the fuck on…

who the fuck is ben… gsus…

I hope the “Ben” you are referring isn’t that freak of nature who mashes on all buttons and do 360 degree motion with the joystick all day, and claims to know how to play cvs2. As well, when he beats the cpu with his cammy, he also does the same stand as Cammy when M.Bison appears. That’s some freaky shit. :tdown:

ppl do that??? shit, that’s nuts. top tier quality for game nerds though… :wow: