Calgary weekly Saturday SF event @ the cove


The usual Saturday night event is back starting this coming Saturday Jan8th, 2005 at 5pm to closing 1am in the cove.

Let’s have a warm up night before we continue on with the mini tourneys.

Ray, you are so going down in mvc2… I still suck badly, but some day!!!

Note: is there any way that I can delete the other Calgary thread by any chance??? :confused: It is not necessary any more.


i was at the U doing some registration stuff today… i past by the cove and the owner said that tekken 5 will be in on tuesday… just spreading the news!


can’t wait to play tekken 5…gotta learn tekken 1 first though…


LOL :clap: The owner said Tuesday!!! He just didn’t tell you which Tuesday… LOL… so far I haven’t seen any progress made in the arcade… the ratio of broken machines in the arcade is so high, it is just ridiculous. :tdown:

You guys should learn Tekken 5 and play me, so my game won’t last only 5 or 6 minutes with the computer… :lame:


How many of you will be coming this week? Just curious.


I will probably be going unless the weather is crap ass like today!!


i will be there for a short while


I most likely will not be going this week due to other engagements. (OK so I’m actually going to spend time with my GF after not having seen her for 2 weeks cause of WoW… but she plays just as much as I do)

Thanks for setting it up thou


Haha, and I thought I was addicted, not seeing GF for 2 weeks because of WoW. Crazy shit dude, I bow to you


wtf is WoW??


Have you been hiding in a cave for the past month? :confused: :wow:

Even though I don’t play it, I still know what it is… you are sooooooo… :lame:

And NOOOOOO!!! “WOW” does not stand for “Women on Women”!!! you sick freak!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! :devil:
Just kidding… it stands for world of warcraft. :wow:

You know, Mike… the best time to spend time with your GF is right after you finish playing at the cove around 1am, and go visit her with a bottle of wine! HAHAHAHA!!! :tup:


i’ll be there… i think… after 7 or so

i’m still playing ragnarok :xeye:


Wow… you guys are losers… LOL … i should talk eh? :slight_smile:


Ian post the Vids i want to see how badly i got owned


Even though I was the one who taped the mvc2 finals, but the video camera was borrowed and I don’t have the footage with me.

300zx has the tape and he said he would take care of the rest as soon as he’s got the chance.

How badly you got owned? well… consider you were like this… :wasted:


i’ll take care of the rest…as soon as school starts and anime club starts again…so…other than that…ppl just wait…


got scammed by the 11 o’clock closing time :frowning:


The only reason that the cove closed at 11pm yesterday was that we still considered it as holiday since University classes had not begun yet. They will get back to the usaul 1am closing time for the Saturdays following.

It wasn’t that bad, considering the amount of games we got to play last night. My hands and shoulders hurt like crazy after playing like too many games. Too much practice isn’t that good either.

I am turning my attention to Tekken Tag these days, hopefully I will find a game that I can be the best at finally!!! :tup:

I should be a Tekken player since my user name is a Tekken character in the first place, even though I am stupid enough to spell it wrong. :wow:

BTW, this should be confirmed… Tekken 5 will finally be available at the cove on Tuesday Jan11th for those who are interested. :pleased:


The cove needs a gamecube and Super Smash Brothers Melee… I would love to beast in that :badboy:

… or atleast get some competition cause that game is too fun


Tekken 5 had been set up at the cove

The owner just informed me that he has finished setting up Tekken 5 at the cove, and it’s ready to be played for those who are interested.


I have got to agree with you about a Gamecube, because Mario double dash owns initial D for free!!! :tup: