Cali vs Texas


So who else is coming to this thing and/or participating? Huge money match too.



The only reason I’ve heard of them.


I already have a number of people confirmed from cali and would like to know if anybody else wants in on this. Texas is getting ready and we got that $$$. Post up asap and let me know if you want some. We have tons of fighters and they hungry…

Money matches going down in Sf4, 3rdstrike, and most important Mvc2…


If they have so much money why can’t they afford a fucking meal then?


Says who?


You said they were hungry.



I don’t get it.


Cause you’re a retard.


But why do they need to eat?


I like that you took no offense from my post though. That’s the sign of a strong person.


Lol Huge announcement will be made! Stay Tuned…


Huge announcement! “WESTCOAST” Toan will be in the building. Reset has challenged toan to a money match and I want to know how much is westcoast willing to back him. 5k is what hes looking for? Anybody out there willng to back reset, post up and let me know how much asap!


lol thats to funny first he is talking shit about toan saying. how toan is free lol then why doesnt he want to comfirm this MM… i got one thought he is scared!!! of the Beast aka Toan hahaha :lol:


Your Sentinel looks like he’s throwing up. Exorcist-style.


Lol my bro did the avator… He makes pretty sick ones…


This is for marvel? WTF I thought this was another shitty sf4 thread.

Do you thing marvel players, I likes you. no homo.


good luck young guns


My money is on potter.


1 week left until the cali invasion. This will truly be an epic event. Hope more cali players can come to cali vs texas 2…


invasion. it really saddens me to see people with no middle school education running around tryin’ to use words.