Calibration Settings for ASUS vh236h


I received the ASUS vh236h and trying to find some ideal calibration settings for it. I’m running it on the PS3 via HDMI. From what I read, in order to have the lowest latency, the monitor has to be set on Game Mode. (Correct me if I am wrong). But to me, Game Mode looks washed out and prefer the look of Theater Mode in my eyes. I try replicating the settings from Theater to Game but still looks meh. Then I try to use someone else’s settings which wasn’t that much of an improvement either. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

Original Settings for Game Mode:

Brightness - 90
Contrast - 80
Sharpness - 31
Saturation - 43
ASCR - Off
Overdrive - 60
Color - User - Red - 100
Green - 100
Blue - 100
Skin - Natural

Theater Settings for Game Mode:

Brightness - 90
Contrast - 80
Sharpness - 31
Saturation - 53
ASCR - Off
Overdrive - 60
Color - Normal
Skin - Natural

Another User Settings for Game Mode:

Brightness - 100
Contrast - 45
Sharpness - 19
Saturation - 21
ASCR - Off
Overdrive - 60
Color - User - Red - 100
Green - 90
Blue - 91
Skin - Natural


Theater mode is forcing a richer color gamut so that Movies look Pretty, but the color accuracy is gone.

Careful with the image settings as too many changes will add additional post processing to your picture and cause lag.
Honestly in the day of digital HD TV, image quality controls is more of a gimmick, it allows users to think they have the controls they did back in the good-old-analog days when everything was controlled with big nice turn dials. Other than “Game Mode” which is also a Gimmick if you ask me you should not be adjusting your image as its preset to its correct setting in the factory.
To really adjust your screen properly you need some professional and expensive tools from the TV/Monitor’s Manufacturer other than those in the broadcasting field you are not going to find those tools on the market.

Other words stick to your default settings.


Just a heads up, not all VH236H’s are made equal. The ones I bought later have a way sharper contrast.


Will switching different monitor modes affect the latency?


No, the latency isn’t influenced by any of the modes. They’re strictly for colour.


<blockquote class=“Quote” rel=“FreezerB”>No, the latency isn’t influenced by any of the modes. They’re strictly for colour. </blockquote>
Good to know then.


I hate it when I go to venues and all the evo monitors are set on game mode. It looks horrible and makes it harder on my eyes (broken SIN level in AE + game mode = eye rape). It also makes me feel like I am surrounded by idiots when people tell me it needs to be on game mode for the least lag. If anything, game mode will lag more because of the additional sharping processing that must be done (either way it should be negligible).

Leave the monitor on standard. That is the best visibility you will get. If you want colour accuracy, set the console to full range RGB and the monitor to sRGB temperature setting. Or set the console to BT.701 colour output.

  1. There have been claims that Game Mode lags more on Evo monitors. Claims have knowledgeable people that I think are substantiated but don’t have time to dig up the info right now
  2. Game Mode in MOST tvs/monitors turns off or reduces post-processing. It’s not really a marketing gimmick. TVs are designed more to have pretty visuals for movies/TV not to play games without lag. However, gaming is important so manufacturers started trying to reduce lag and put it into the so-called game mode. Game modes are definitely not all created equal though. Some lag more, most lag less. Many tvs/monitors with game mode don’t have any difference in lag.


So much misinformation here.

Most displays are set by default to be much brighter than necessary for display on store shelves.

Do not set to full range rgb unless the monitor can display it, it can cause your contrast to be waaaaaay off.

To calibrate correctly for yourself use something like the tool here for true calibration, yes expensive tools are necessary, but not everyone sees color the same so even using cheaper methods can make the screen look better to you.


It can. It is a computer monitor. Not a HDTV. Black levels are full 0-255 on computer monitors.


“Game” can be either an image preset or a function that turns off some image processing to reduce input lag. I believe that in the case of VH236H it is just an image preset and will not change the input lag.<br><br>The function “Game Mode” in most HDTVs is usually listed under advanced settings.<br>


Total late bump, but THANK YOU! I was on the verge of returning my monitor cause it was so washed out on my PS3. I was advised in the past to not use RGB Full cause it crushes blacks (which I noticed myself even)…but that is for TVs only. I used the instructions/test image here ( to confirm that my screen can take advantage of RGB Full.

The RGB Full setting seems like it exists for people that use monitors on their consoles.


Will having on OVERDRIVE effect you any? And what exactly does ASCR do for you?