California Gamers


Hey Guys i just recently moved to california to go to school and as of now im learning my way around the city of san francisco and i was wondering if there was any gamers in the area that play street fighter or king of fighters, or tekken? I would really like to play as many people as possible and as often as possible. If there are any of you out there please send me a message. Thanks guys





ummmmm go to there location threads

i guess it should be nor cail


there are no street fighter players in san francisco. not even by the SFIV cab in SFSU, no sir.


play marvel and you’ll be fine.


This, And mgl on thursdays so you can lose to me in tekken 6 :smiley:


You’re a lucky ass. Living in Stockton puts your right over the hill to MGL.

Me; 220 miles to get to SVGL. =(


Go to SFSU this coming Friday at around 1pm.

I play mostly 3S. There’s usually alot of people there around that time & day.


Well im gonna start going to svgl on thursdays now lol. So yes, Me>You. But you got a mech gief from me, So technically since I can still buy them, Me>You.


San Francisco fucking sucks for street fighter. (and a lot of other things, too… SF is only really great if you’re a homo or have yellow fever)

I went to USF for a year. The only place to play is SFSU. They had the 3s Machine next to an annoyingly loud old Vs series game (cant remember which) so all you hear is loud fucking Wolverine infinites. They got one machine of each game… if you lived in Stockton or SoCal you could play. Also, there was no Super Turbo or anything but the aforementioned old VS series game, CVS2 and Marvel.

The only real good thing is that the machines were 25 cents a play (IDK if that’s still the case) and seemed to be pretty well kept. You can find some decent comp sometimes, other times it was stone dead.

If you’re at USF too (which I assume cause the only other school is SFSU and you’d know about Rack N Cue by now) it takes 30-40 mins by Muni to get to SFSU.

You, like me, should’ve picked the better part of California.


Ya, We are thinking about putting arcade cabs in a comic book shop here in stockton. Ima fix up a megalo and put something in there.


Watch out for this one cat Ultra David. He’ll offer you a Hawaiian punch, but it will be spiked with animal tranquilizers. He will then take pictures of you with him naked, and blackmail you later.

TRUST ME! :sad::sad::sad:


This dude fucked up and moved to the Bay Area for street fighter. (I moved for the wimmen.)


Thanks alot man i appreciate the advice alot. I just went up to sfsu and it was pretty kewl i did get some good comp in sf4 and there were alot of people that played so if u guys wanna game just hit me up there my real name is Michael incase you run into me. Thanks again hope to game with you somethime