California Kaillera Servers


I was wondering if there any California based kaillera servers?

How do I update mame with the latest list of servers?



Fragbox ( is the most popular. When you start kaillera it should automatically get the new list as long as you don’t hit stop or enter a server. Just check the “all servers” tab.


sfmaniac, I’m from southern california, usually I’m on GW and once in awhile I can pull some players to play on fragbox, what part of california are you from? we should play sometime soon.


If you have mame32k 0.64 from, it contains their kaillera server file, which is current. If you don’t, or your mame is not current (or even a different version gasp), you can get the file and/or complete mame32k package from anti3d.

I’m in so. cal. What do you play?


west coast kaillera servers never last :sad:

fragbox has been around for a good minute tho.


I like playing Super turbo, Alpha 3, and Vampire Saviour:Night Warriors, X-men Children of the atom.

Im located in sacramento california


I’m from East Coast but I’ll play you in COTA and DS2/3, what’s your handle/times you’re usually around?


Hmmm not sure, but I can play at about 9 PM PST today…


I’ll play you in cota anytime



I was just playing to Battousai… only won lilke 3 matches outta 100 heh…

I suk


Don’t worry about it. She streaks everyone at that game :stuck_out_tongue:


Funny how I am in Riverside, CA… yet I ping better to Miami, FL than I do to SF


sf , Let me know when you want to play some Super Turbo and Vampire.
Live in nor cal.


Don’t u play marvel vs capcom 1 aswell?I think I’ve played u before…


sfmaniac you have aim or msn?

And i really doubt it was Batts you played at MvC

I play it when i’m extremely bored. Though all i play on kaiilera anymore is COTA and Last Blade 2. Sometimes A3 and ST though. Rarely.


where do u play at dracula X?


Fragbox, DaRoms and GW usually


whats the ip for Daroms?


Chicago Daroms (laggy and misreports pings) -
Dallas/Fort-Worth Daroms -


Server location: Los Angeles, California
You can also use as the IP
Name: Netherrealm

Edited: IP Address changed, server moved San Jose -> LA