California KOF XII Unite!


To the people who play KOF XII in California, lets start some games going online. California has a good amount of people playing and it is essentially lag free as of right now. So lets start some games going? Anyone want to play?


But occasionally LSOD might happens with people with the same blue bar connections.

So it’s not really a win-win situation.


I only had one Blue connection happen. You up for some games right now? We’re far enough to not have a blue connection.


add me too, socali.


Just added Ripper6. Good lag free games. We need more people to join to get a nice 8 people room going with no lag.


I am down, I just need to get my game disc back.


I’m always down, my gamertag is Leraider.


My gamertag is thebackhorn925, if any of you want to get some matches in, just drop a message or something.


I go by Kane317-AI on the PS3

All of the Californians should go checkout as XII got entered in Warzone, in Irvine CA on Sept 5-6.


hey all, add my psn for some games. I played third strike for ages at arcade infinity, and occasionally appear there. I recently picked up KOF XII and wanna put some serious time in, so add me =)


GG Pelvic_Thruster. I kept missing my Chin combos due to the lag, there was a little bit of input lag on my end which is a lot worst than display lag if you ask me. Nevertheless, gg!


I dunno, I’d say display lag is worse then input lag since not being synched up properly is a bigger throwoff. At least in my eyes.

You kept landing those damn Heave Hoes with Chin though. Good games though.