California Regionals 1/18 MvC2 Results

  1. Soo - MSP
  2. Chunksta - Thrax/MSS
  3. Potter - MSP/Scrub/MST/Thrax
  4. FilipinoChampRyan - MSP
  5. Tihn Ngo - Thrax/MSS
  6. Unblockable Laser - Thrax

gg’s. i wanted to see some hype mm’s go down aka potts vs chunk but maybe next time.
Too many good players. Top 8-10 were all buff matches.

Soo Fuckin mighty! good shit!!!

Any footage? :wonder:

good shit to the top place finishers.
console owns me for free.
ggs to everyone i played in casual and tourney.


GGs Socal
soo’s msp is godlike!!!
that psylocke storm comeback was CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAZYYYY!!!

Like I said after Seasons beatings 3…Soomighty is godlike

was i the only dood who recorded the grand finals?

i want to see those matches

all these recent soo matches have been put away :[

I posted the GF’s on my youtube <---- here

Chunk/Soo are beasts great vids

IM TOP 4!!! baby lol
storm/sent/psy > me…

my bad. you up in there now. remember what i told you doggie and you’ll be up in the #1 slot in a minute.

Cyf is the Filipino Champ in SOCAL!!! LOL we represent!!

ryan who u lose to?

lost to potter twice
Storm / sent / psy is just too dirty

I don’t really like msp’s, but your’s and soos are too fucking sikk. When u coming down again foo.

Next time we wearin’ a flip flag.

You gotta mash harder then you my friend are top 8 material.

Come over 2nite! woomighty vs you is fun to watch.

Yo Chunks house is gonna be OPEN FOR CRACK SESSIONS!!! FINALLY !!

Goonies are Welcome!!!

im down! wut time u goin? go later i’m off at 6.

Soo are you? =p

Goodshit guys…