California Regionals January 17 MvC2 3 on 3 Tourney Results

Dp(posting under Rubillionaires account.

1st. Team Dark Prince will run through your WHOLE TEAM…Dark Prince/ General Soo Mighty/ Jamis the Manager

2nd. Team Chunk-a-Saurs REXXXX/Norcal Chunk/Ryan the Filipino Champ/Hyro

3rd. Team Freegency Freegency Rob/ Freegency Dorian/ Freegency Y2j

strider Zero has the full bracket and vids…GG’s to norcal yall niggas be MURKIN!!! ova here!!!

P.S. this video is for Freegency [media=youtube]6lQW-FWMcBo[/media]

That’s the difference between First and third place, Robert NIGGA TELL ME HOW MY ASS TASTE!!!


Right on the button. Good shit, DP.


Good shit on getting first dawg.

-Tha Hindu

I think chunk or someone who works at denjin has the bracket. I only have the sign up list.
Awesome matches everybody, I think i got better just by watching:wow:
Hopefully i can get a ride there soon to record some more:wonder:


Get those results up!!!

Where Da Vids ?!
Where Da Vids ?!
Where Da Vids at !?!

u guys gotta chill cuz this is a 2 day event people that are taking vids are probably still there be patient

True True… Im looking forward to them.

dp was on point yesterday! good shit !

How many teams entered/How many teams did DP body?

And who won singles?

lol at the link DP put up.

Tough teams out there. Mad props to DP and for representing 909

I hear the J in Justin J stands for “Judge, Jury, and Executioner”

MvsC 2 Tourny Singles:

1st SooMighty
2nd Chunksta
3rd Potter

Single Tourny was too ****en HYPE! ! ! Massive beatdowns and upsets and killer comebacks cough cough Chunk

GG’s to all who enter and played. Especially when DP took out 2 teams single handed…

DP under Rubillionaires account again)

Good shit for the top placers in singles, too bad I could not make the second day for that…had to work.

Chunksta is BOSSSSS, So is Soo Mighty…Nigga Soo be mobbin and murkin. I can’t wait for the vids.

Here is the video playlist of the 3v3 finals. In total I recorded more than 5 hours so I have almost every team match:lovin:
If people didnt notice wasnt able to get a ride to go on sunday so I dont have anything from the singles :sad::sad::sad::sad:

Hey man thanks for the vids, I don’t play marvel, but always like to watch it.


you’re awesome bro