Call me a newb if you will but when/wear evo

I know very little about Evo

From what I hear it’s a con of some sort I got that. But when and were is it beeing held.

  • Evo is in Las Vegas this year.

  • Evo is a tournament, not a convention.

  • Sometime in July/August.


before i read this thread, i was gonna write what i was going to wear to evo. :confused:

Vegas huh. Damn well looks like I aint going. (Poor New Englnder)

I’ll be cosplaying as E-honda.

minus the diaper

You’ll be rocking the thong instead? :wgrin:

Aug 12-14th for the date.


Yes I will.

what part of vegas?

Does anybody know what hotel it is in particular?

It’s at the Wynn. That is like the newest hotel on the strip. I think it JUST opened. I will be cosplaying as Imari from Bible black :encore:

ill be cosplaying as Docterdoom and my friend well be strider well see yall there LOL