Call me a noob n give me advice :-D

hey guys need tips and criticism from the guiles of the forums. any advice will be greatly appreciated!

vid 1 [media=youtube]N5I9Kzrs6N8[/media]

2 [media=youtube]ytytjShXBek[/media]

3 [media=youtube]OO8GbwQ3[/media]

4 [media=youtube]yV4fHC4tSsc[/media]

just saw the balrog videos:

j lk is to crossup; it links into cr light kick; it’s fun

you can charge db, ya know. You can stop and throw sonic booms

cr HP and st MP are your anti-airs. You don’t have to run away all day.

cr MP xx flash kick should be your punisher, not double leg sweep

Don’t use your super. Ever.

Wake-up ultras are a no-no, especially when you’re not in trouble

Supering into Ultra was nice, but it’s just not worth all that meter. Guile’s ultra is only for punishing and tricks, we’ll just have to live with it.

When you jab…stick with me on this one…you can link into other moves…you know instead of jabbing twice and walking away, try linking into cr MP, st jab, SB or FK

If you insist on moving backwards every time you sonic boom, at least throw them while charging during rolling sobats (back MK). It makes it harder for them to jump-in on your SB if you take a jump back before throwing. Watching you try and anti-air with SBs was a bit cringeworthy.

Oh, and that weird Balrog punch that takes a little longer to land and keeps hitting you when you block…yeah…you block that standing

Random ultras and wake up ultras are bad. If you picked Guile because you thought his ultra looked cool, then you seriously picked Guile for a retarded reason.

Guile sweep is also a noobtastic mistake. If you plan on getting good, then only use it if you know it will hit. If the first hit is block, good players will punish you while you are spinning around for the 2nd hit.

Like above mention, Guile needs his meter for ex booms and for ex flashkicks on punishes. Using his super is a big waste.

Stop charging while walking back. Charge using db or while jumping or something that isn’t back peddling. You have no reason to give up ground like that.

After you throw light boom, try walking toward. Yeah, you can’t charge, but it offers some offensive pressure so you’re not just sitting on your butt for 99 seconds.

awesome thanks guys! its hard to not sweep but i guess its just championship mode bad habits :-/

I have a problem with this as well. Its a good way of getting under gief’s lariat at a moment’s notice though.

My eyes! I’m blind!

I don’t agree with two things of this post.

Guile’s sweep isn’t that bad. You can use it if someone jumps and they’re not in Flash Kick or AA range. Make them land on it. Even if they block both hits, only select few things can punish it. The things that come to mind are Ryu’s super and Chun’s super.

Walking back and charging isn’t a bad either. If you have your Anti Air game on tap, then you can back up all you like. Charging with down back is only good at like MAX distance or at a distance where you know that if they jump over your boom that you will still be safe. BECAUSE you can’t move if you downback, so you’re kind of bait for crossups unless you can AA really good. It may be seen as super turtly if you walk back, but there’s nothing wrong with it as long as you can space well and use your anti-airs effectively.

Now for some criticism’s:

You need to anti-air a lot more. It’s one point of your game that is really lacking. I feel like I could jump in on your Guile all day and you wouldn’t AA me at all. So use low fierce and standing strong to anti-air.

After you throw a boom, walk forward or jump (careful about jumping though, do that from a range where you can’t get DP’d). Walk forward low mk is good, since Mk is a great poke for Guile. If they sit on their butts and anticipate the low mk, do overhead. Or throw. The mixup possibilites are there for Guile.

Don’t do random Flash kick to get out of corner pressure situations. As you saw with Balrog, you’ll get blocked and punished. Trust me, a lot of people will punish a lot harder than that.

Ultra should only be used to punish stupid jump-ins or as some sort of trick. It’s not that good.

Conserve your super Meter for EX booms. Using it on Super is only situational and it’s not really worth using FOUR EX booms worth of meter on a Super.

Be patient.

practice,, light sonic boom. its safer and does more damage than,cr. hk and you can follow that up with normals for extra poke and some times can be comboed with cr. mk or cr. hk. i would also say to use the normals more especially the forward hp, neutral hp, neutral hk, forward/backward mk, back lk. guiles normals are really good. only one that i never use is neutral mp but thats just me.