Call me crazy, but i like the se joystick more then the sanwa!

Yeah, so i got the sanwa JLF as a replacement for my madcatz se joystick, and im pretty sure i hate the damn thing. The deadzone/throw are way too big for me- to the point were i mess up doing moves all the time. Especially when im doing charge moves. And sometimes jumping forward and going into a standing charge/blocking position i always find myself crouching due to the long ass throw of the joystick. I plugged my cheapo standard joystick back in and even though it feels like crap i find myself pulling off moves consistantly and smoothly. The joystick moves quicker and has a slightly shorter throw making moves feel more natural. I ordered a seimitsu ls-32-01 from LL on the 10th but havent heard anything from chad. i was thinking i might want the 40 (ive heard the throw on the 40 is shorter then the 32)…oh and i got sanwa buttons- those so much better then the se buttons, night and day difference.

guess i’ll just quote my post from the other thread you made

I replaced my Stock SE stick with an LS-32-01 and hated it right away. My BP on line dropped -900 in one Night! I went back to the stock stick thinking that the LS-32 must be the problem. I quickly found out that all I had to do is practice as much on the LS-32 as I did on the stock stick and now I am better than ever! Go back to the JLF and practice with it for a few days and you will be right back where you need to be.

I’m still waiting for parts from Lizard. I order back like Feb 21st and I haven’t heard a thing. The stock joystick worked just fine when I super glued the washer down.

Maybe we should just put everyone post in one single thread.

@datdude916: you’re crazy. there you go, as you requested.

You think its better because you are more accustomed to it. Convenience trumps all when using something like this. Of course, in the long run the MadCatz stick will start shitting out on you long before the Sanwa stick ever will, which I’m sure you know. If you’re truly convinced the MadCatz stick is the way for you to go you should try to sell your Sanwa JLF as they are in high-demand.

I’m a noob when it comes to joysticks, but I think if not for the washer and other related issues, the SE stock stick would not be a bad stick at all out the box.

I have a Sanwa JLF in there now, and it’s super sensitive in comparison, so it’s taking some getting used to. I think you’ll experience the same. After some play, I don’t think I’ll ever get up to the level of accuracy I can get with the FightPad (which on the XBOX360 is perfect as far as I’m concerned… the only thing better would be a genuine Saturn pad directly from Sega).

I think the JLF is better, but if production had exercised some better quality control, the stock stick would clearly be superior to all other “home market” sticks that don’t use genuine arcade parts.

Pads are more comfortable for casual use, but they’re completely inaccurate compared to a stick. You can move your wrist more quickly and precisely than you can move your thumb, and you can hit buttons more quickly and accurately with multiple fingers than you can with your other thumb.

Just got my JLF today… I’m adjusting to it, but it’s so much more responsive already.

Unfortunately I’ve played on madkatz for a month and a half and the end result is… I’m too used to the insensitive shitty Madkatz stick. The JLF is SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER.

At present, I just can’t move my wrist as you say, with that speed and accuracy, as compared to the pad. With my thumb, I’m sure that I’m hitting the directions more than I am with the stick – down = down, up = up, the diagonals = the diagonals. Even when I put the stick and “feel” where they’re supposed to be, they don’t quite register. When my mind says “Hadouken” with a pad, I get Hadouken. Same with the “Shoryuken”. But on the stick, it’s not always so certain.

Granted, not all pads are created equal. I think the stock XBOX360 pad is one of the worst I’ve ever used, and outside of a select few (Saturn, the FightPad, the old SNES/N64 pad) they can be pretty mediocre at times. When they’re really good, I rarely miss a motion on them.

However, I’ll cop to the button hitting advantage. On Saturn-style pads, I change the position of my right hand to “type out” moves that require that kind of input (like the Shun-Goku-Satsu). On a stick, I don’t have to worry about that, because my hand is already turned in a position that makes hitting them much more easier than using my thumb to do certain inputs, especially with a certain speed.

I used my (second, washer fixed) SE for a week or so, and liked it okay… then I got a TE and started using it… I tried to use my (still unmodded SE last night (as the TE is just SO big it’s inconvenient to drag out) and DAMN, the SE felt like CRAP. Mushy unresponsive buttons and a real wiggly stick. I love teh TE, but I can’t wait to put some Sanwa or Seimitsu love into the SE, and use it as my main stick.

You’ve spent years practicing on pads and probably far less time with a stick. If you put in some time with the stick it’ll eventually feel just as natural as a pad, and then when you try to go back to the pad you’ll see how much less control a pad offers. I recently went through this myself. I’d always dabbled with sticks but relied on pads, and recently I forced myself to learn to play fighting games with a stick and now going back to a pad feels awful.

First off monte get off my nuts, god. I swear you have nothin better to do then annoy me.

Kay, with that out the way. I’ve been tryin to get use to the jlf I just don’t think its right for me. I really wish LL would ship my nonback ordered ls 32 01 so I could see how it feels. L-dubbs, does your ls 32’s throw feel shorter then the stock se? Or anyone else play on both or all three stick know which one feels the shortest and quickest. One reason I like my se joystick is the exact same reason I dont- the mushy feel of it. On one hand it makes it feel cheap, but on the other it makes it really fast to do moves. I like it loose I guess lol. Just trying to get a comparison of all three if anyone out there has used them all.